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Jul 23, 2006 01:00 AM

Brunch this Sunday In Benecia, Crockett or Port Costa

Rec's for Sunday Brunch in the Above. Nice to be on water

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  1. I'm going to do a BIG caveat here ... it has been over a year ... they changed the menu ... it is a chain WITH a dreadful restaurant on Pier 39 in SF ... BUT ..

    The Dead Fish in Crocket has a killer view and is one of the most pleasant places so far to kick back and watch the boats go by.

    They HAD a killer brunch which was inexpensive WITH ACME pan de mie bread ... but the locals complained because everything was ala carte ... you could order an omelette then decide what you did or didn't want ... pototes, fruit etc ... but each side costs a few bucks ...

    ... but NO oh NO ... NOT for the locals ... we must have HUGE breakfasts with LOTS of potatoes or our money is not well spent ... so the RAISED the prices ALOT to include the pototes.

    Puff, puff ... end of rant.

    I really used to love this place for late breakfast/lunch because it was good and had a stunning view. Lovely outdoor patios if you can stand the heat. I'm not even going to link to the menu page which has breakfast items further down, but let you gaze at the view on their home page ... I know it is brunch, but at night as the sun sets and the lights on the bridge twinkle ... very nice.

    Kind of a sucky wine list. Classic cocktails are not bad. At one time they made their own limoncello, but not sure now as menus changed. If you go for other than breakfast foods, the mussels are pretty good, the other seafood in that same prep ... not so good ... and for heaven's sake, don't order any other dead fish ... not good, not good. I heard they do good prime rib ... but gee, in this heat, who can eat prime rib. If you want, I'll link you to my old report, but I'm thinking it is out of date by this time.

    Just below The Dead Fish is The Nantucket. I personally only think they are just ok. It is RIGHT on the water ... maybe stop by for a beer or cocktail before or after The Dead Fish ... they can come up with some funky cocktail mixes.

    I personally would not drive to Port Costa on a hot day. It is long and windy in an area where the heat intinsifies.

    There's a bar there ... air conditioning is open doors ... with only food at night as I last recall, and from my understanding food ain't the reason anyone goes there.

    There is another restuarant there, but never been. My one trip to Port Costa was enough.

    Don't have anything on Benecia. My inquiries over a year ago didn't yield much. However, it would be a nice ride over.

    If you wind up being there late in the afternoon, there is live jazz in the evenings in Crockett. Ordinary food, not bad wine, very nice music.

    Sunday jazz in sugar city

    I can't seem to find the most recent Nantucket report. Susan liked it well enough and I went back and the clam chowder was better .. at least it didn't taste like mushroom soup. Here was my first visit where I wasn't too impressed.

    1. It's been more than 3 years, since I've eaten in Benecia. When I was there I ate at Captain Blyther's and was not really impressed. Mainly seafood...

      Link to website which has lunch and dinner menus:

      Personally, I like a nice drive, yeah, Port Costa's a hot drive, but you are on the river when you get there.... No, there's never been anything there that stuns my palate, but I'm not a beer drinker.
      I'd bring food from some fab deli, jump in the car and MOTOR!

      Crockett? I'm anxious to hear whazzup w/Crockett-food.

      1. Is the Warehouse still open in Port Costa?

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          When I was there last, the Warehouse had become more of a café than when I'd first met it a LONG time ago, but, yes... it was still there.

          I ate at Bull Valley Restaurant, Like I said above, nothing stunning.
          Their website is: Bull Valley Restaurant website:

          For the coolest Port Costa stuff go to Clayton Bailey's website: (if you're patient and come back to click on some more of his pics, you'll probably see some that will surprise, some that will bemuse and some that will welllllll......)