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Jul 23, 2006 12:28 AM

Spanish Olive Oil

Any favorites for robust spanish olive oil and places on the internet to buy them? I tend to like the stronger flavors i have had with spanish oils rather than the lighter italian extra virgin oils

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  1. No favorites, as I don't think I've ever had it, except maybe at a restaurant - and then, unknowingly.

    Two sites to check for purchasing online would be:

    1. Another dear chowhounder turned me onto Despana. The first store is in Queens and now they have one in Manhattan but they also do mail order...

      1. I just did a tasting with Zoe Diva Arbequino Olive Oil...A little less peppery than a lot of the Spanish oils, but amazing smooth and velvety...It turns buttery in your mouth...It's perfect for the fresh greens of summer...

        1. The Spanish Table has 4 retail stores (I've been to the Berkeley one) and also does mail order. Here are their online olive oils:

          I've tried the Ybarra EVOO 1 liter tin for $10.99. Wonderfully rich--buttery and nutty w/ some fruit tones. I don't remember much spice. Great for use in salads dressings, tapas, etc.

          Anyone have other olive oil recs from Spanish Table?

          1. Carb Lover, Try the Portugese oil Victor Guedes Abrantes from Spanish Table. Reasonably priced and very full flavored. (I'm beginning to like the Olive Oils from Spain and Portugal more than most of the Italian offerings.)