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Jul 22, 2006 11:43 PM

Frozen Custard And Good Humor

Does it exist in Washington State? I mean the soft serve kind like Carvel. I am also searching for the following Good Humor ice cream bars: Chocolate Eclair and Toasted far I have only found Strawberry Shortcake.

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  1. There's good frozen custard in Vancouver, WA at Sheridan's. It's the real deal. And they also have tasty Sprecher's root beer (from Milwaukee).

    If you want to venture south from there, there's also good frozen custard in Lake Oswego, OR, just barely outside of Portland, at Dewey's Frozen Custard.

    BTW, I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY and I do miss Carvel! One near where I used to live in Queens (on Metropolitan Ave. and 71st) regularly had pistachio soft serve.

    P.S. - Good Humor has a store locator on their website:

    1. I miss Carvel's Whalie and Cookie Puss cakes. While I doubt anything compares to Carvel, I googled frozen custard and found that Snoqualmie Gourmet has frozen custard. It might be worthwile in a pinch.

      1. They have Frozen Custard at Snoqualmie Ice Cream But it doesn't look like soft server

        1. Old School Frozen Custard will be opening in Bonney Lake, Washington. The expected opening will be in April 2007. They will be serving real mid-western frozen custard. You can check out their website at