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Bryants in KC

As I've stated in a previous thread, I'm coming down to KC Thursday and have decided to try Bryants and form my own opinion. So, my question to the Bryant advocates is, if you could have only one item from them for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Or if we don't want to be so intense, what should I try?
I'm starting the trip driving straight to LC's for burnt ends. Dinner will be comped at the casino. Lunch Friday at The Peanut. Which location should I do?
Bryant's will be dinner Friday.
Leaving Saturday, could use a lunch rec up north, but it doesn't have to be. I'm never in a hurry to get out of KC.
Oh, and where is KCJane?

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  1. Bob,

    Maybe you should head straight to AB'S first on Thursday. In the event AB is disappointing, you'll still have the glory of LC's to salvage the trip. You won't leave town with a bad taste in your mouth (so to speak).

    As for Arthur Bryant's, I'd get the beef sandwich, fries and beans if I go back. But unless LC's goes downhill, I probably won't be back for a while.

    1. Hey, Bob! I'm here -- reading more than posting for a change! :)

      I rather like the original Peanut at 50th and Main but it's not for everyone and is off-putting to some, so for that reason, I'd say do the Peanut downtown instead. Same food. Same divine BLTs! Tidier atmosphere.

      If you've not got anything to do Friday night, I might suggest some live jazz at the Phoenix (8th & Central) or Jardine's (about 46th & Main). Both have good appetizers and brewskies to see you through the night if you're still hungry after Bryant's.

      On your way out of town on Saturday, I'd suggest none other than Stroud's along I-35 since you seem to be on a "classic KC tour."

      On the other hand, if you're into sports, you might also consider Chappelle's on Armour in North Kansas City. Decent food and a true sports museum.

      Will be eager for your report. Safe trip!

      1. Hey Bob,

        I used live right down from LC's in Lee's Summit - it is pretty good, and Bryants is OK
        But my favorite DC BBQ is Fiorella's Jack Stack.
        ORDER EXTRA BEANS - I have known people that have flown up for the day to get these gems.

        So the decision on which BBQ to get in KC is hard, and everyon has a varying opinion. If I had one BBQ place to go - It would be Jack Stack (there is one down at Crown Center now - but I have not visited that one)

        BUT on the way out - if you are a burger lover DO NOT miss out on Westport FleaMarket burger. And on Sat. they have a real flea market open around the bar.

        Strouds is good too

        Good luck and let me know on which places you went and what you liked.

        1. cbk21 -

          I didn't know LC's ever had a place in Lee's Summit. Where is/was it located? LC's had a shop in Lenexa (on 95th just west of I-35) for a few years but it just never hit it like the original LC's on Blue Parkway at Sni-A-Bar Road.

          Also, if you do go down to Fiorella's newest location (several years old now), don't go hunting IN Crown Center for it. It's actually located in the Freighthouse which is just north of the back of Union Station, across the railroad tracks. You can get to it by heading toward Union Station from the area of 20th and SW Blvd. (right around Manny's).

          Like you, I'm a Fiorella's beans fanatic! I took them to several potluck dinners and now I can't go to potluck dinners anymore without people insisting I bring those beans! I take my crock pot down and tell 'em to "fill it up" and they'll always toss in extra meat scraps from the cutting board if I ask them, too.

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          1. re: KCJ

            No - I just grew up in Lee's Summit - LC's was only a 10 minute drive for me. I just meant I was close to it.

            I live in Texas now, but I still LOVE Manny's, and usually eat there when I visit.

            I just heard they were putting a Jack Stack downtown, I have never been so I trust you where it is. I always go to the original one.

            When I visit must visit places are Westport FleaMarket, Jack Stack, Manny's. If time permits I like to hit Stroud's, Garazzo's, LC's, Town Topic OR

            speaking of Lee's Summit there is a good Burger place called Johnny Ray's - a friend of mine's family owns it.
            and a pizza place called Pappi's that has good BBQ sandwiches - the sauce is quite good, and surprisingly good pizza - Pappi's is also a good place to take the kids.

            1. re: KCJ

              The easiest way for me to let folks know where the downtown Jack Stack is to tell them it's in the same complex as Lidia's.

            2. Their burnt ends were very good. The pork and the brisket were forgettable. The best part of eating at Bryant's was finding the Negro Leagues Baseball Hall of Fame and the jazz Museum which are located sown the street.

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              1. re: jlawrence01

                I enjoyed both of those last year also. I didn't realize I was down the street from AB's.

              2. i will be in KC in 2 weeks for a weekend of bbq tasting. will definately be at AB and was wondering what else to do in KC. also have a reservation at biulevard beer tour. wife not interdested in baseball, but is the jazz museum worth it? and how long to spend. thanks.

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                1. re: dock

                  Both museums are worth the trip. Even if baseball isn't a great interest, the Negro Leagues museum documents a unique aspect of American cultural history. If you're around on Friday or Saturday night, try to get to the jam sessions at the Mutual Musicians Foundation starting about 1 AM and going until 5 AM. The Peachtree Restaurant in the Jazz District is also worth a visit for solid southern comfort food.

                2. Jack Stack is my favorite restaurant in the WORLD. I travel to KC about 4 times a year. My business is usually in Overland Park - I get off the plane, rent a car, and drive directly to the Overland Park Jack Stack, sit at the bar with a couple of cold Newcastle Brown Ales, and order the crown prime beef rib with the beans (of course). Rarely can I finish it all, but I take it with me to the hotel - it never goes to waste!

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                  1. re: Minnesotapix

                    I have a buddy who is from Baton Rougue and he does the exact same thing when he visits KC - drives straight from the airport to eithe Jack Stack for BBQ or Westport Flea Market for their incredible Burgers

                  2. Jack Stack is now open on the Plaza in the old KC Masterpiece space.