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Jul 22, 2006 10:29 PM

Le Parisien Cafe-Fresno Report

Hubby and I were in the mood for some pastries this morning and hubby remembered a co-worker mentioning Le Parisien Cafe located at Cedar and Herndon next to TGI Fridays. We popped in looking for a pastry and were surprised to see crepes, espresso, and much more!

Happily perusing the menu written on a chalkboard, I chose a sweet crepe filled with pears and dark chocolate sauce. Hubby selected the special crepe of the day which was strawberries and custard. We also ordered iced lattes (even in the a.m. it was too hot today for regular hot coffee).

As we waited for our crepes, we looked over the pastry case filled with many delights. There were pain au chocolats of course, croissants, fruit tarts, chou a la creme, beignets, beignets with custard...etc. We also looked over the full menu which lists savory crepes filled with eggs, onions, tomatos, and swiss cheese with various meats such as steak, chicken, ham, bacon, etc. They also have a croque, croissant sandwich, sandwiches on French bread, and salads.

As we waited we noticed that both the lady who waited on us and the gentleman who she was talking to in the back kitchen were speaking French. She had a strong French accent as well when speaking English. A sign on the entrance to the cafe says they have French discussion groups for free where you can learn to speak French.

Once our crepes arrived, we were in heaven. My pears were refreshing and the chocolate sauce was deep and dark. The crepes themselves were light and airy and very, very thin. Each crepe came with a generous dollop of whipped cream and pretty garnish. I loved mine and ate every bite. Hubby enjoyed his strawberry crepe, the tartness of the berry was perfect with the sweet creamy custard. Yum yum! We finished off the crepes in no time, but enjoyed sitting in the cafe listening to French pop music and the coolness of air conditioning.

Of course we couldn't leave without taking some pastries home, the reason why we went there in the first place. I got the pain au chocolat and hubby got something like an apple turnover. Will post on how these taste later. We also picked up a fresh French loaf.

A quick note, this cafe is not fast food. We waited a while for our crepes (maybe 15 minutes), but we didn't really mind since we were enjoying the experience. Nothing is very rushed here, so don't expect it. However, we had a great experience.

Prices here are pretty reasonable. Our sweet crepes were big and stuffed with a generous amount of fruit and ran about $3 each. The savory crepes are more expensive, about $7 to $6.25. The pastries ran about $1.50 to $1.89. I think these prices are pretty reasonable given the quality of ingredients.

Hubby and I can't wait to go back and try some savory crepes!

Le Parisien Cafe
1085 E Herndon
Fresno, CA
Tuesday-Saturday 7:00 am-6:00pm
Sunday 7:00am-3pm

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  1. As promised by glazebrookgirl, here's a quick update on the pastries we brought home from Le Parisien Cafe.

    Wife's pastry was a chocolate croissant. She was very impressed with the dark chocolate inside (much like the chocolate inside her crepe), and she liked the buttery pastry it was wrapped within.

    My pastry was a kind of turnover (an impressive palm-leaf-like design carved into the top). The outside was a flaky and buttery croissant-type pastry; inside was a thick pocket of apple filling. Normally I'm only so-so on apple-filled pastries, but this was so good that I almost got in the car specifically to drive over to the cafe to get another.

    With all the yummy butter, cream, and chocolate we had from Le Parisien, my wife and I agreed that anyone born in France who's lactose-intolerant must have no choice but to leave France.

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      1. I stopped by for lunch last week and enjoyed a ham and swiss sandwich on their perfectly-crispy-but-not-chewy-soft-on-the-inside-would-be-WONDERFUL-with-butter French bread. It was HUGE, easily shareable, especially if you want to enjoy something sweet on the side. My only complaint: a little too much mayo.

        I'll be going back there soon!

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          Thanks for the update on lunch, sounds like I need to stop there soon for more than just a pastry!

          1. re: glazebrookgirl

            I had forgotten to post an update regarding lunch. Hubby and I ate lunch a few weeks back and I thought that the bread was outstanding! I had a grilled cheese sandwich, very generous proportion with four different cheeses. I thought that the sandwich was good, but the bread really was the winner. My cheese could have been melted a little more for real perfection.

            However, what was way above average were the absolutely insane French fries. They were perfect! Not heavy or greasy, but light and crunchy and perfectly cooked. They make each batch to order, so you have to wait awhile to get them. But they are awesome. These are the kind of French fries that make you realize that all those other French fries you have been eating were imposters.

        2. I love this place for a relaxed weekend morning. It's a taste of France in Fresno (even French owners).

          Another great place for bake goods is Great Harvest Bread Company. It's not French, but you can get some good coffee and fresh bake goods (especially the breads).

          1. This miracle of a French restaurant is at First and Herndon, right next to Wassabi.

            Fresh breads and croissants, velvety cream and strawberry crepes, sandwiches served on French bread with crisp crust. Vive le France!

            Soups are served here with french bread croutons that are crisp and buttery. A perfect compliement to fresh French onion soup or mixed vegetable and sour cream soup.

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              Yes, indeed. And they have a (new) second location at the corner of Palm & Nees.