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Jul 22, 2006 09:51 PM

Dirty Girl Strawberries/Canteen breakfast

Wow! back from the Ferry building this morning with 1/2 flat of DG strawberries...some of the best I've had this year

Mostly known for their tomatoes, their strawberries have been extremely good this year...

Mr. Leary was at Canteen this morning doing breakfast...the salt cod hash was outstanding....the flavour of the potatoes/fish/eggs/sauce melded together just right...

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  1. I got a half-flat from them too, Seascapes and Albions. Just made a batch of strawberry-lemon sorbet from the Sunday Times magazine a week or so ago--process one (de-seeded, coarsely chopped) lemon, rind and all, with two cups sugar; puree two pounds hulled strawberries; combine with the lemon mixture and add lemon juice to taste. Freeze in whatever ice cream maker you've got. Looking forward to this.

    1. Thanks for the report. Didn't realize that DG was into Albions now. How much for a half flat?

        1. Wow--$15 for half a flat of strawberries? Makes me happy that I live in south Louisiana. Despite our obvious shortcomings in the weather area, our strawberries are dirt cheap during the spring season in April & May. My last half-flat in late may ran me $6.50; these are small sweet strawberries too tender to ship, so they'rea all sold locally.

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            You can get a half-flat for a lot less than $15 -- there are lots of boutique growers out here who charge a primium for their fruit (of all different kinds). Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's just hype.

            I had some Albions earlier this spring and really loved them. I'm glad to hear they're still in season -- I'll look for them.