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(Aus) Great Steak?

We are thinking Austin Land & Cattle... What about Capitol Brasserie? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Since I found Eddie V's have just been going back there. Really like Ruth's Chris too but Eddie V's appetizers excel too-- the one we call the flying shrimp (something about chow mein noodles with avocado and like a plum sauce) are mind-blowing. Enjoyed Austin Land and Cattle the time we went there but it didn't blow me away.

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      I don't mean to digress, but flying shrimp at Eddie V's? I assume that's just the downtown store

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        yeah, what is this flying shrimp? interested in this dish.

    2. I've posted on this before, but I've found the kitchen at Capitol Brasserie to be really uneven after five visits. I've had the steak frites and didn't particularly like the cut which was a shoulder tender. The frites were just good, not great. I won't go back until I've heard about a change in the kitchen.

      1. Sullivan's. Very crowded and smoky. When I was there last they were packed in cheek by jowl. Huge onion rings, iceberg lettuce salads, great steaks.

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          Sullivan's serves choice meat at prime prices.

        2. I, too, was underwhelmed by Austin Land & Cattle, though the porterhouse was a nice cut of meat. See this thread for my earlier discussion of it plus a link to an even earlier thread on steakhouses: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          I’m intrigued by Rene's suggestion of the tenderloin at Gumbo's, though I myself haven't tried it yet. You can read his review in the linked-to thread above, started on May 18, and also in this similar discussion from May on best steakhouses for a bachelor's party:


          1. Ag the flying shrimp are gone from the menu at Eddie V's. Maybe if they called them flying shrimp they would have been more popular. : ) They *were* so good. Next time I'm there I am going to protest. We called them flying shrimp because they were served "up" on the plate, perched on the avocado and some (radish?) sprouts and stuff. And because we really dug them. Now they're wrapping "colossal shrimp" in "spring roll" material. Picture looks like an egg roll. I'm sure they're still huge. The other appetizers all look real good still though. http://www.eddiev.com/menu_nwaustin.html And they're mainly a seafood place I guess. A really good steak though, my favorite over Morton's in SA or Ruth's in either place. I think Eddie V's compares to Morton's as far as having many many indulgent items on their menu for a price. I don't feel ripped off at Eddie V's like I do at Morton's though. Sorry for the long post, I never shut up.

            1. Do any of these places serve dry-aged prime?

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                It wasn't mentioned above, but I believe Hudson's on the Bend serves a dry-aged prime ribeye. You might want to call to confirm this, though. I easily get sidetracked by other things on their menu.


              2. Ok went back to Eddie V's last night. I was wrong about the flying shrimp. It talked about wonton wrappers not chow mein noodles. And it is off the menu. They made us one but didn't get it quite right so I'd say it's in the past. Crabcake appetizer was first class but expensive for one medium crabcake. Salads were good. Mine with green apples and wealnuts and about uncooked green beans was really good. Don't get what they're going for in the salad with the white beats though, not much flavor. As far as the steak it was fantastic. Not dry aged I guess but as good as any I've ever eaten. Ordered it rare and it had a cool center -- like a quarter inch at the center was cool--perfect for me. Noisy in there.

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                  I must say that the wonderful crabcake tastes even better at the half priced Happy Hour! It's great!

                2. Ooh Rene, thanks for pointing that out. For half of 12.75 I'm THERE.

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                    Glad to be of assistance... I wish I didn't have to keep the budget in mind, but ... Eddie V's has never disappointed! They probably serve the best Crabcake in Austin, TX.

                  2. I really like the no frills experience at the original Hoffbrau Steaks on West 6th.

                    Hoffbrau Steak
                    613 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

                    1. Depends on what you want. To me, a great steak is all about dry aged prime beef. Only. No choice beef like they serve at Sullivans. Austin L & C was not good when I went there. The two newest, hotest places are 3 Forks and Perrys. I'd check them out.