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Jul 22, 2006 09:31 PM

New To Jacksonville -- Suggestions?

My fiance and I just moved to Jax, out by the beaches, and are looking for great places to eat. We're both NYC-transplants, and love to eat, especially more adventurous fare. I'm a vegetarian, but he's a big meat eater and loves BBQ. I would love any suggestions, especially sushi, Thai, and, burrittos!!

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  1. I used to live in Jax Beach and am currently visiting my Sister in PVB. We discussed your post over morning coffee and came up with a few suggestions:

    Sister tells me that Chizo on 3rd in Jax Beach is where to go for Sushi.

    My husband and I love Thai, our favorte in Jax Beach is the Thai Room. We also like Pom's Thai Bistro in San Marco and the Thai Palace on San Jose Blvd. The San Marco area has a fun village feel with shops and a small movie theatre. There is a great little chocolate shop next to the Thai Palace.

    Sierra Grill at Butler and A1A serves decent fresh tex mex. I love the burritos, fish tacos, salads and platters. Casual spot with counter service and a salsa bar. Eat in or take out.

    Opus 39 gets my vote for fine upscale price fixed dining. It is worth the drive to St. Augustine. We had a nice dinner here last year and the chef did a fine job of creating a meal for my vegetarian hubby. Your waiter will ask about any dietary restrictions at the time you place your order.

    Marker 32 on Beach Blvd. has always been one of my favorites for upscale waterfront (intercoastal) dining.

    Chef Gerald's in Ponte Vedra is a nice small restaurant with a neighborhood feel.

    The French Pantry (off Hwy 95 on Powell) is a great bakery and lunch spot. Great breads, pasteries and desserts. I have often placed special orders here for the holidays. Their primary focus is on catering to many of the top restuarants in the area. Sister tells me the Patisserie at A1A and Solono is fiarly new to the area and has great pastries and desserts.

    1. one more suggestion....The Manatee Cafe in St. Augustine is located in a strip mall. Very casual spot open for breakfast and lunch. They serve creative organic fare with many vegetarian options. I love the scrambled tofu breakfast burrito.

      1. We're also NYC transplants to Jacksonville, and (having been here eight years now) all we can say is that the eating is getting much much better -- though we still have a long distance to go.

        Here are some of our recent favorites:

        Cilantro (Indian, on San Jose in Mandarin): a menu that you'll recognize from Sixth Street (plus a little more Southern Indian), but (very surprisingly) better Indian than just about anything we ate in NYC. We recommend this place highly.

        Blue Bamboo (Pan-Asian, on Southside): no major surprises, but plenty good enough. If you order their Indonesian entrees, ask for Indonesian preparation/spicing, or else you you won't get it.

        Saigon Cafe (Vietnamese, on Cassat Avenue): just about the only Vietnamese restaurant you'll find in Jacksonville. We like the place, but don't recommend it to those who value atmosphere/decor.

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          Another recommendation here for Blue Bamboo. The menu is very large, everything sounds delicious and all of the eight or nine dishes I have tried have been great. They also have a very nice wine list.

        2. Giovanni's is excellent.

          1. I'm a huge fan of Bistro Aix in San Marco.
            For CHEAP, quality seafood I recommend The Seafood Kitchen on Atlantic Boulevard right by where it intersects w/ Penman Rd - It's a fantastic lunch spot. Just don't look at the kitchen too closely.
            As a previous poster mentioned, Chizu is good. For thai, I really like Old Siam.