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Lunch with Granddaughter in Paris

I'm trying to find a fun place to take my granddaughter while on our one day trip to Paris. I only know grown up places!! She's an adventurous eater from the States, and I'd like something she'll remember and enjoy. Her father will have to listen to his mother this time.

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  1. I was thinking she might like Hotel du Nord on the Canal St. Martin. How old is she? My niece and nephew who live in London and have been travelling to Paris since they were very small loved and still love L'Entrecote- La Venise and Le Rotisserie d'en Face. If you want to give her a fairy tale dinner, how about Laserre or Ledoyen.

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      What I'm afraid of, faijay, is that we'll just end up eating 'someplace' because we're in a certain area at lunchtime. It's just a daytrip and I know how those things turn out. I guess for my 9 year old granddaughter, anyplace will be new and exciting in Paris. She wants a 'real' eclair.. a girl after my own heart. Btw.. we were very disappointed with my old reliable, Rotisserie D'en Face when we were there in March. Maybe I'm getting jaded or it was an off night.

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        If you are going to the Musee D'Orsay, the cafe there would be terrific for lunch since you are surrounded by art. Sorry to hear that about Rotisserie, I haven't been for a couple of year or more, but it was a must visit from the early nineties.

        For a girl who loves eclairs--maybe she should also be introduced to macarons at Laduree. There are several branches so that would be a nice one for lunch.

        Have fun creating a memory of Paris for your granddaughter.


    2. It would help to know what your plans are for that one day trip. With such little time, you will not want to cross the city for a specific resto. And with only one day, I wouldn't want to spend 3 hours or more in a high end place, but rather explore a nice part of the city.

      I'd first make a rough plan of the day (or does your granddaughter choose??) and then pick a place in the neighbourhood you plan to be around lunch time.

      Also, what day of the week and when exactly will you be here. Lots of restos, especially small neighbourhood bistrots will close down for some time in August.

      1. Thanks, everyone. So far we have no plan, but will. I'm sure we'll try to find something in one of our 'must' locations rather than travel just to eat somewhere specific. It will be August, on a Thursday, so a museum cafe might be perfect... Louvre near the shops or the D'Orsay.

        1. The museum resto at the Musée d'Orsay is pretty much ok. Not to be confused with the café (which is nice, too, BTW).

          Near the Louvre, you can always go to Café Marly.
          Also, Le Fumoir is pretty trendy and good for a snack. If it's really boiling hot, I'd go for something light anyway. you can always stop at some famous patisserie later and grab something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

          There are a couple of pretty nice hidden bistrots near the d'Orsay, but I fear some might be closed in August (especially the week of August 15, which is a holiday).

          1. If you have your heart set on eating at the Musee d'Orsay (in the the big fancy restaurant; sorry I don't remember its name), better check first. When we were there last week, the room was being remodeled. They were serving lunch at a few tables in the corridor, but the wow factor is definitely missing at the moment.
            One of my favorite places near the Musee d'Orsay is the Voltaire. They have the world's best eggs mayonnaise, a meal in itself, which costs approximately $3.

            1. Thanks, all. I'll put the Voltaire on my list for the next adult trip to Paris. Moving to the UK has certainly increased my adventures there the past few years! That said, it will still take me another 50 years to try all the 'good' spots. :-)

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                I also like Cafe Voltaire (part of Voltaire), which also offers the oeufs mayonnaise as well as a plat du jour at a fraction of the price of Restaurant Voltaire. The secret of this place is ordering off the chalkboard menu. They get confused and irritated by anything else.

              2. I had one other thought last night. What about one of the places in the Eiffel Tower? Although, I think they are tres cher. It would make a lovely dinner.

                1. When my boys were younger, their favorite places for lunch in Paris were: Galleries Lafayette, Le Train Bleu, snacking their way through Fauchon and at the Tour Eiffel.

                  Granted, this has been a while and I don't know if the choices are valid any longer. Have a wonderful day.

                  1. A trendy store with a hip restaurant in its basement is Colette at 213 St Honore.

                    The basement restaurant is called 'The Water bar'and it is informal as you sit around communal tables of six people but supermodels are all around.

                    If your nine year old granddaughter is into fashion; this is the place; even the soup and salads are excellent.

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                      Thanks. If I don't get her this trip, I'll definitely go there next time I'm in Paris for a longer stay!

                    2. You might also check out the thread a few down from here about good hot chocolate places in Paris- if I had tried that stuff when I was a kid....

                      Again, don't know if they are open in August, but I highly recommend the one-two punch of La Charlotte for hot chocolate and Berthillon for ice cream, on the Ile St-Louis, down the street from each other. But Angelina is a bit more central, especially if you're at the Louvre or the Musee d'Orsay.

                      1. Do have results to post on lunch with granddaughter? Sept. 1, I will be in Paris for six days with my 9 and 6 year old. What worked, what didn't?

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                          Of the many places we have taken our son in Paris, his most memorable was the Creperie des Arts on the rue St. Andre des Arts. Funky interior (reminding him of the Flintstones), great crepes (especially the desert crepes) and a black cat that fell asleep on my lap.

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                            There is a place called Apollo at Denfert-Rochereau which has an enormous terrace at the back, slightly space age bathrooms and is very welcoming to children, they even have pass times at weekends. It is a bit out of the way but near the catacombs - however the catacombs scared my 5, 7 year olds and slightly scared my sensitive 12 year old so may not be a good idea.

                          2. Believe it or not, my trip to Paris is postponed until October. I was a victim of the airline problems but life goes on. I appreciate everyone's comments and hope we can hear more about what the kids enjoy.

                            Philly June