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Jul 22, 2006 08:42 PM

Nicaraguan food near Palace Hotel?

Visiting from NYC next week and, according to Jim Leff, one cuisine SF offers in abundance that we New Yorkers don't have at all is Nicaraguan fod. Anyone have any suggestions in the nabe of the Palace Hotel?

Trying to avoid renting a car, but am willing to walk great distances to expand my horizons.

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  1. Perhaps you're looking for Salvadoran? Many pupusas in these parts, but little Nicaraguan.

    1. Unless the magazine (Time Out NY) got it wrong, our founder was talking about Nicaraguan food.

      But don't get me wrong, I'd welcome a good Salavdoran suggestion as well. It's another cuisine NYC doesn't have much of.


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        Here's a thread from last year that covers the main Nicaraguan players.


        Let's hear some updates, hounds!

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          I still haven't been to the place near Cortland and Mission that I mentioned in that thread, and still don't remember the name...However, it is still there, and still has nobody there...I have been to La Sataneca, though, several times, and it is quite good.

          For the OP: the good Salvadorean and Nicaraguan food isn't in your neighborhood. (indeed, I am not sure there is any in your nabe). I recommend getting on BART (the Montgomery St stop is right in front of your hotel); taking a Daly City or Millbrae bound train four stops to 24th and Mission, and exploring from there (during daylight hours, with this weekend, early evening would be a pleasant time to go). There is a branch of La Sataneca on Mission just south of the 24th St Bart Station on the east side of the street; as well as the one I've tried on 30th and Mission, which is about a mile walk. The one near the BART station has a somewhat nicer atmosphere. However, if you choose the walk, you can also check out Nicaragua, which is still there, and other places referred to in the post from Melanie: several are on Mission, and also on the east side of the street...although the one at 57th and Mission is way too far to walk...Have fun!

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            I pretty much can verify what susancinsf thought - there's definitely no Nicaraguan places in the area of the Palace Hotel. Salvadorean is possible, though I don't know of any either, at least in the south of Market area.

            Regardless, susancinsf is right - go west, young CH'ers, via BART to the Mission district.

      2. Yo! I might have found two more ... and they LOOK good ...

        Anyone tried these:

        Red Balloon

        Restaurant Salto Angel (Nicaraguan/Veneuelan

        That menu of the Red Balloon looks really good. I hope someone has tried them ... or they are still in business.

        To recap Nicaraguan restaurants mentioned in various threads:

        Adelita's makes delioious Nicaraguan ices

        El Trebol (3324 24th St.)"fantastic for pupusas or puerco frito or a plate of plantains, beans and crema"

        Las Tinajas

        Montelimar Restaurant 5762 Mission Nicaraguan, Salvadoran and Mexican Food

        Nicaragua Restaurant: 3015 Mission St near Caesar Chavez, (415) 826-3672.

        platanos (latin american ... neuvo, sort of ... they do have/had Gallo Pinto (Nicaraguan beans and rice

        Here's a separate post about Salvadoran restuarants


        It really does seem for either cuisine a trip to the Mission is necessary.

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          The nacatamales (sp?) at Red Balloon are very good.

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            I'll have to give those a try. I don't think I've tried one yet. Here's a picture of the storefront of Red Balloon.


            And, as long as I stumbled across it ... a picture of the interior of Nicaragua restaurant


        2. Many thanks, all. I'll report back after I explore.

          1. I saw a place called Oye Managua on Mission yesterday that looked promising. 3385 Mission St, San Francisco, (415) 821-2702

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              EXCELLENT catch !!!

              Here's the menu:


              They have bUnuelos AND bAnuelos (yucca puffs) for dessert. The chocolate cake with flan sounds interesting.

              I'm also conflicted about the entrees. They have boho on the week-ends. That was one of the most memorably WORST dishes I ever tried in my life ... plain boiled beef ... with boiled yucca just to down the taste further. I'm tempted to see if it was just the version I tried or if this is just one of those dishes you have to grow up with.

              Also they have drinks I haven't tried before cebada (barley drink), Coyolito, Chia con limon ... I wonder if this last is some sort of variation of Chan.

              They have mondogo which someone was looking for quite a while ago. Don't remember if they found a source.

              Hey Susan, if you are reading this ... are you up for Nicaruagan meatball soup ... it is on the menu.

              I think there is a movie with the name of the restuarant. Anyway here's a picture of the exterior.