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Jul 22, 2006 08:16 PM

Le Creuset Sale -- Limited Colors, but Very Good Discount

I just received a flyer from the Le Creuset Outlet Stores that announced an August sale on three colors -- Blue, Soleil Yellow and Indigo Blue. If you purchase 6 pieces (lids count separately as one piece, so this isn't difficult,) then you get 25% off, 10 pieces 30% off, and 15 pieces 35% off. Seconds count, so you will get 25-35% off the seconds discount. I've learned to take advantage of these sales -- I've saved a ton! But I'm not fussy about the color of my Le Creuset -- in fact, my husband thinks that I have a very colorful collection that's quite attractive.

This sale lasts for the entire month of August.

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  1. When I purchased my one piece of Le Creuset which I felt was necessary to my style of cooking (grill pan) I didn't give a hoot what color it was - I just wanted to be able to afford it. Paid about $25 for it at an outlet store, one of the best kitchen bargains I ever got and I've learned to love it's odd yellow color. Cooks the same as the color I really wanted, you know :-)