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Jul 22, 2006 08:06 PM

Vegas - looking for delis and 24-hour-style cafes

I'll be in Vegas for a few days in early August (arrive Monday night; leave Friday morning). I'm not really into "fine dining" (and don't bother mentioning anywhere where the words "tasting menu" are used), but what I am looking for are two things: one, a deli where you can get a decent (as in "if you squeeze the stack of pastrami hard enough, you can get it into your mouth") sandwich to go, and two, a steak from somewhere other than a top level steakhouse where you're almost expected to wear a suit and tie and you have to pay extra for things like a potato.

(And while I'm on the topic of steak, how is the Wednesday steak buffet at the Orleans?)

One last thing - if I want, say, a decent 2/3-pound burger, are there any hotel restaurants that serve them for less than arm and a leg, or should I just go into Fatburger near the MGM Grand?

-- Don

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  1. For the Burger, DEFINITELY go to the Burger Bar at the Mandalay. Build your -own burgers and they're GOOOD.

    Steak...I like Mon Ami Gabi.....they are 20-28 bucks I think and french style...good stuff though.

    1. For steaks, try The Steakhouse at CircusCircus (note--the trip through the lobby and casino to get there is not fun, what with all the strollers and screaming brats). However, it's worth it, because once you arrive, it's a pleasant dark-wooded oasis with excellent steaks (meat quality equal to the fancy alacarte places, IMO), good salads, and OK sides. Good value--about $35 a head for salad, steak and potato. Service is fine. Reservations usually needed.

      1. Hello:

        If you want a good late night burger, you need Fatburger. If you want one during non-vampire hours, try Cheeseburger at the Desert Passage. Also, Joe's in Caeser's Forum makes a good one.

        I stayed at the Orleans and I can tell you truthfully there is NO good food to be had there at all. See my long trip report below for more info.


        1. Check out The Peppermill. I don't have the exact address on me, but it's on the north end of the strip, right around Circus Circus, on the east side of the street. They had a steak sandwich there that was pretty great, and though I didn't try any of their deli style sandwiches, they looked pretty decent.

          1. If you want a truly cheap steak dinner, you can try the $4.95 special at Ellis Island that includes a baked potato and green beans. It's a ten-ouncer and can't be confused with prime meat, but it's not bad. Add a beer or very good root beer and you'll be outta there for less than ten bucks including a nice tip.