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Vegas - looking for delis and 24-hour-style cafes

I'll be in Vegas for a few days in early August (arrive Monday night; leave Friday morning). I'm not really into "fine dining" (and don't bother mentioning anywhere where the words "tasting menu" are used), but what I am looking for are two things: one, a deli where you can get a decent (as in "if you squeeze the stack of pastrami hard enough, you can get it into your mouth") sandwich to go, and two, a steak from somewhere other than a top level steakhouse where you're almost expected to wear a suit and tie and you have to pay extra for things like a potato.

(And while I'm on the topic of steak, how is the Wednesday steak buffet at the Orleans?)

One last thing - if I want, say, a decent 2/3-pound burger, are there any hotel restaurants that serve them for less than arm and a leg, or should I just go into Fatburger near the MGM Grand?

-- Don

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  1. For the Burger, DEFINITELY go to the Burger Bar at the Mandalay. Build your -own burgers and they're GOOOD.

    Steak...I like Mon Ami Gabi.....they are 20-28 bucks I think and french style...good stuff though.

    1. For steaks, try The Steakhouse at CircusCircus (note--the trip through the lobby and casino to get there is not fun, what with all the strollers and screaming brats). However, it's worth it, because once you arrive, it's a pleasant dark-wooded oasis with excellent steaks (meat quality equal to the fancy alacarte places, IMO), good salads, and OK sides. Good value--about $35 a head for salad, steak and potato. Service is fine. Reservations usually needed.

      1. Hello:

        If you want a good late night burger, you need Fatburger. If you want one during non-vampire hours, try Cheeseburger at the Desert Passage. Also, Joe's in Caeser's Forum makes a good one.

        I stayed at the Orleans and I can tell you truthfully there is NO good food to be had there at all. See my long trip report below for more info.


        1. Check out The Peppermill. I don't have the exact address on me, but it's on the north end of the strip, right around Circus Circus, on the east side of the street. They had a steak sandwich there that was pretty great, and though I didn't try any of their deli style sandwiches, they looked pretty decent.

          1. If you want a truly cheap steak dinner, you can try the $4.95 special at Ellis Island that includes a baked potato and green beans. It's a ten-ouncer and can't be confused with prime meat, but it's not bad. Add a beer or very good root beer and you'll be outta there for less than ten bucks including a nice tip.

            1. Lived in LV for 4 years.

              Steak: Golden Gate's Bay City Diner, Downtown, Fremont and Main. Very good steaks for the money, and other stuff as well (it's a coffee shop after all). Try the inexpensive but tasty shrimp cocktail, ($.99 for small shrimp,$2.99 for larger ones) which is also available at the Shrimp Bar at the back of the casino.

              Best deli near the Strip is the Stage Deli in Caesar's Forum Shops. very good pastrami and chicken soup (with a choice of stuff in the soup). Good cheesecake too, better than Cheesecake Factory.

              Many places have a decent burger. There's a good one at the Las Vegas Club Downtown, but there are many more places to check out. Inn-N-Out burger stands (off strip) are also pretty good, and there are more of them than Fatburger.

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                I have heard that the Stage Deli is no longer in Caesar's Forum. I haven't been to LV in about 3 years, and this is second hand information, so take that for what it's worth.

              2. for a deli - i am partial to capriotti's - it's not your ny deli sandwich place , but they have damn ood sandwiches - closest to strip...hmm...there's one on sahara just west of the strip, also on flamingo but that's at least a mile west of the strip.

                steak - orleans...not all that good - it's tough to find a damn good steak at a reasonable price - even the off strip and downtown steak places charge big $$$

                burger - i would go with in and out over fatburger -- the only downside is fatburger has more options on what you put on the burger.

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                  Second for Capriotti's for sandwiches. We like "The Bobbie"--shredded turkey, stuffing, mayo, and cranberry. They call it "Thanksgiving on a Roll" or something similar. Their meatball sandwiches are also great. I'm not a big fan of cheesesteaks but they sure serve a lot of those.

                2. Thanks for the tips.

                  The only thing I don't like about In & Out (and I used to live near the first, if not still thge only, In & Out that did not have a drive-up window) is, they don't have any really "big" burgers (the biggest burger has about as much meat as a McDonald's "regular" double cheeseburger), although I will admit I have gone out of my way just to order a couple of baskets of their fries. Besides, Fatburger is pretty much right next to my hotel.

                  1. It's true that a single In & Out burger isn't very large - but you can always order as many patties and as much cheese as you like. How about a 100 x 100? See http://whatupwilly.blogspot.com/2006/...

                    1. Two double double's always do the trick for me.