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Where Can I find Horchata?

Anyone know where I can find some authentic Spanish Horchata? And if not Spanish, any kind that they really recommend?

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  1. my favorite is at la esquina on kenmare/lafayette street or cafe habana on elizabeth/prince..also, burritoville chains have a decent one if you pour it over ice..

    1. Castro's in Brooklyn has it.
      Their address is 511 Myrtle ave.
      I've never ordered it but all their other food is very authentic, so I bet the horchata is good too.

      1. The Burritoville chain located throughout the city has a decent horchata drink.

        1. Go to El Paso Taqueria on 103rd and lex. They also have another branch on 97th street. It's Mexcian, but fantastic and cheap too. I have brought many a skeptcal friend there, and they all rave about the horchata.

          1. The Mexican restaurant on 10th Ave. in the upper forties, had it for lunch the other day. (Sorry can't remember the name.)

            *edit:Tulcingo del Valle 665 Tenth Ave.

            1. I had one at Bright Food Shop at 216 Eighth Ave in Chelsea this weekend. Perhaps not authentic, but delicious.

              1. The only horchata i know of is from BP gas station conveniance stores. It tastes pretty good to me.

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                  the Mexican Bakery makes good horchata
                  2nd Avenue around 5th Street - west side of 2nd Avenue.

                  Their food really rocks too and the prices are way reasonable.

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                    do you mean Downtown Bakery? iirc, that's on 1st ave.

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                      Yep, definitely on 1st, not 2nd.

                2. Any down home Salvadoran or Mexican place has orchata. I have had MANY a pupusa and taco washed down with a tall, sweet glass of it. Imagine how many places on Roosevelt Ave. in Queens serve orchata,I can't count that high.

                  1. Spanish horchata is made from something called Chufa. I've never seen it in NYC.

                    All of the Mexican and South American varieties are rice based...

                    1. You can find several types at the Red Hook soccer fields on weekends, though I don't believe Spanish.

                      1. Know anyone down in texas? Maybe they can send you some packets of the drink.You can by Klass Augas Frescas drink mix here in the San Antonio area.

                        1. Wait? Sorry for being ignorant, but is Horchata the white milky drink or the red kinda tart drink?

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                            white milky made from rice. Red kinda tart is probably jamaica, made from hibiscus

                          2. not a restaurant, but there is a lady that sells horchata out of a small pushcart right outside of the N/W subway stop on Broadway and 28th.