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Jul 22, 2006 07:17 PM

Where Can I find Horchata?

Anyone know where I can find some authentic Spanish Horchata? And if not Spanish, any kind that they really recommend?

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  1. my favorite is at la esquina on kenmare/lafayette street or cafe habana on elizabeth/prince..also, burritoville chains have a decent one if you pour it over ice..

    1. Castro's in Brooklyn has it.
      Their address is 511 Myrtle ave.
      I've never ordered it but all their other food is very authentic, so I bet the horchata is good too.

      1. The Burritoville chain located throughout the city has a decent horchata drink.

        1. Go to El Paso Taqueria on 103rd and lex. They also have another branch on 97th street. It's Mexcian, but fantastic and cheap too. I have brought many a skeptcal friend there, and they all rave about the horchata.

          1. The Mexican restaurant on 10th Ave. in the upper forties, had it for lunch the other day. (Sorry can't remember the name.)

            *edit:Tulcingo del Valle 665 Tenth Ave.