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Need a fun restaurant for a date with a funny girl

We dont need romantic just someplace fun, cool and inexpensive. I'd love it to be off the beaten path too. Thanks

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  1. most hounds will disagree, but i love joe's crab shack for a stupid good time. can't go wrong with balloon hats too. make sure you ask for the one with the palm tree and the monkey.

    1. How about Cha Cha Cha? There's west hollywood or Silverlake.


      1. Chez Jay in Santa Monica. It's fun, cool, inexpensive, and off the beaten bath. The food is not that good, but there are some simple staples.

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            I miss the Galley. Moved back to NYC about a year and half ago.

            Don't recall the Galley being inexpensive unless you order from the half price menu, at the bar I think. My now-husband and I used to do that for happy hour sometimes. Check the hours or if there are any restrictions on that. Nice bartenders, cool low lighting, funky atmosphere in a "Pirates of the Caribbean" way.
            Decent food, even very good if you order right.

            Another thought would be Primitivo in Venice if you sit in the bar area or at the bar and do tapas and wine...they have a special wine flight at the bar with some free apps and you can add more and do a mini wine/tapas tasting. Again, if you order right, very good.

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              Primitivo is a great place! The joint gets totally packed, and the tapas style dining is lots of fun. You could also "hop" down the street to another bar afterwards too. The Otheroom is supposed to be a pretty happening place as well.

          2. Damon's in Glendale is my suggestion. The salad accompanying the entrees is like crack, it's so addictive. You can't beat the monkeys hanging from the ceiling for humor. It's got the fifties Tiki cheesy thing going on and friendly, long time employees. As a fellow fun, kick-in-the-pants chick myself who *does not* like chain restaurants, I'd love to go somewhere like Damon's on a date.

            Tapas and sangria sounds like a good idea, too.

            You get major points for trying to find a fun, funky place!

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              The atmosphere at Damon's is great but I would disagree about the food. The salad of beets and celery was horrific and my steak wasn't exactly good. No, it was exactly BAD. Drinks are good though and the young server we had was very nice but not on top of the service.

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                My S.O. and I really like Damons. We have only gotten the Tenderloin. I get it butterflied and Medium Rare she gets hers butterflied and medium well. Always cooked perfect. Butterflying gets it without the "burnt' crust that some like but we do not.

                We like the salad. Served in a large generous bowl, freshly tossed and help yourself.

                The decor is fun but not a hot spot. Good dinner in a ketchy atmosphere and you can TALK with your companion. It is the place we go for special ocassions.

              2. cafe bianca in eagle rock!
                old shool pizza joint with other things like pasta and salad...cute red and white check table cloths and on a beaten path. very inexpensive plus it has good mojo because my husband took me there on our first date. very very fun. it definately is a fun date, special but not too serious! trust me on this one.ok, have a good time.

                1. Talesai Thai Cafe on Olympic near Robertson is a different kind of Thai restaurant. Very hip, cool and interesting plates. Also, any of the Ethiopian restaurants along Fairfax would be fun because you eat the food with the injera bread and you could feed each other...

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                    I would have to respectfully disagree on Talesai. The last couple times we've been, the place was dead, no atmosphere, food was only so so, and expensive as well. NOT my idea of a fun place. Even if the food was so so, if the place had some kinda atmosphere goin, it would've made it somewhat more bearable.

                  2. That's interesting to note - I haven't been there for about a year and a half and I'm sorry to hear that - but I thank you for the update!

                    1. Try Rosalind's Ethiopian on a Friday or Saturday night. They have musicians come in and play, and the music ranges from passable(Ethiopian pop) to unacceptable(Luther Vandross wanna-be); however, it's always good for conversation.

                      Explain to the servers that you know nothing about Ethiopian food, and they'll make sure you have a great time, just sit back and let the evening happen.

                        1. what about palms thai for elvis? fun, inexpensive and good food?

                          1. Luna Park is always good for a date. It's got a pretty hip crowd, it's not too expensive (less than $20 a person, more or less) and fun food!

                            Oh, and there's also Gyu-Kaku. Great japanese charcoal dishes, share or get your own, cook your own meat, and smores for dessert (which I think Luna Park has too). If you go during happy hour you can get some 1/2 price dishes and beer for a buck or two.

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                            1. I like the ChaChaCha idea in Silverlake. Fun, hip, a little different, and not expensive.

                              Thai Elvis is also fun and inexpensive too. But, it gets LOUD in there so you won't be able to do much talking.

                              I'm not sure where you are located, but I really like El Guantanamera in Burbank. Cuban food, and on weekend nights, they have a cuban band and a lot of people get up and start dancing in the aisles. Fun, comfy atmosphere and the food is pretty good and cheap too! The place has some fake palm trees inside to make it look like you're out on a patio in Cuba!

                              1. I like Frying Fish in Little Tokyo for something different and fun. The sushi isn't the greatest but it's cool to watch the conveyor belt of sushi. A'float in Old Town Pasadena might be "nicer" because the sushi comes in floating boats but the sushi at Frying Fish is slightly better.

                                1. Hmm, maybe a Teutonic kitsch-fest would tickle her fancy?

                                  LOWENBRAU KELLER
                                  3211 Beverly Blvd., at Dillon

                                  This place gets rave reviews for its ambience. The former owner was a movie set designer; the decor is chockablock with odd items. Google it for more info.

                                  As a goofy girl myself, I would swoon with delight if a suitor suggested a dinner here.