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Jul 22, 2006 06:20 PM

Recs for lunch, Korea town please

I've never been and have a friend coming into town who read about it and wants to have lunch there.
Would appreciate recs that a couple of Korea town virgins would like! Thanks.

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  1. Sushi Gen, 2nd and Central (I think)

    the best sushi in L.A. for fair prices (given the top-notch quality and genial service) the place is very busy at standard mealtimes but definitely worth the wait. better if you can have early/late lunch.

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    1. re: amandine

      Sushi Gen is in Little Tokyo. Koreatown is a bit west from there.

    2. Have naeng-myun somewhere since it's hot out. Personally, I don't like noodles and can't really recommend a place off the top of my head. It's too early to be reeking of meat, so I'd avoid all barbecue places except Chosun Galbi (on Olympic) and Dong Il Jang (on 8th), which do other things well enough too. If you want variety, try a food court-- I'd recommend the one at the Galleria on Olympic and Western.

      Growing up, I always thought that Koreans didn't really eat that much meat (unless they live in the US, where it's DIRT CHEAP). I'd recommend going to Dae-Bok, which specializes in seafood dishes. Get their ahgoo jjim!

      2010 James M. Wood Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90006
      (213) 386-6660

      1. The Corner Place (2819 W 9th St., 213-487-0968)
        The name's not so Korean, but the clientelle sure is. It's a barbecue place, but they also specialize in a kind of cold, spicy noodle soup in a clear broth. For two people, one serving of soup and one serving of barbecue is more than enough. I've been there once and had kalbi -- beef rib meat. I've also had the chicken recommended to me; I'm getting that next time. Very reasonable: my wife and I left stuffed and happy for something like 25 bucks.

        1. I eat huge lunches so I don't mind going to Chosun Galbi on Wilshire. It is a bit pricy, however. I went to the Corner Place but the surroundings are bit shady and a little dirty.

          1. Yesterday I saw Tony Bourdains No Reservations on Korea. The delicious stews they had looked fabulous. Did anyone see it and where do you get that type of Korean food? I am a Korean food virgin and would like to try a variety of the cuisine.