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Jul 22, 2006 04:43 PM

Tecklenberg Farms melons

Had a perfectly ripe Tecklenberg Farms melon (Ambrosia?) last night.

These are the only people I know who currently sell genuinely ripe melons of the cantaloupe / muskmelon type. (Having lived in Rome, home of the cantaloupe, and grown up in the Central Valley before the industry switched to the modern hybrids that tip off green, I have high standards.)

They have a stand at the Wednesday College of San Mateo farmers market, and in past years I've also found them at the Concord Tuesday market. I don't know if they're at the CSM Saturday market or the Concord Thursday market.

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  1. I'm going to try to take advantage of your cantaloupe expertise and ask what you think are the best types of cantaloupe normally available in farmers' markets and upscale grocers? And are they identifiable?

    1. Tecklenberg is the only grower I know of that regularly sells ripe melons other than watermelons. There used to be a guy at the SF Ferry Buildinjg Saturday market who had great Persian melons but he died.

      99% of the melons I find at farmers markets and Berkeley Bowl are unripe and to my taste inedible. Occasionally I find one that smells good but four times out of five it's either unripe or half-spoiled.

      The industry is trying to do to melons what they've done to peaches, that is, develop high-sugar, low-acid hybrids that are edible when unripe. Galia's an increasingly popular example.

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        I bought a ripe ambrosia from Pacific Star (Woodland) at the Marin FM.

      2. They had ripe Ambrosia melons at the San Mateo market yesterday. Worth a detour.

        1. Perry Farms in Fremont has a good variety of melons that are grown on-site. The muskmelons that I've bought from them in the past have been very good.

          But this season's crop won't be ripe until September at the earliest.