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Jul 22, 2006 04:20 PM

Indiana Catfish

When I was growing up in Indiana, fried catfish was a big deal. Where is it possible to get good fried catfish nowdays? Would prefer somewhere to the west of Indianapolis.


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  1. The best catfish place in Indiana was in the little town of Colfax north of Indianapolis on the way to Lafayette. Alas! I heard it closed years ago. When I was on my breaded pork tenderloin 2006 pursuit in Indiana I stopped at The Red Onion in Sheridan north of Indianapolis. They had catfish on the menu. My wife ordered it and I noticed it was served they way I remember it in Colfax, fried and cross cut so you can pick off bites with our fork. The Red Onion claims they prepare all their food from scratch. Based on the tenderloin I had I would recommend you try them. My disclaimer. I'm an ex-Hoosier with memories. I have been in Minnesota 36 years and now pursue walleyes.

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      I remember Colfax, and that is the style that I had in mind. So that may be worth a try. The only difference is that we always used the cross cuts to make it easier to pick up the whole fish and eat the pieces off the bone like you would eat an ear of corn.

      My favorite tenderloin places are gone now, but we like the Mug & Bun on 10th St. not far from the ring road (465?). The root beer is very good, too. We plan our flights so we can stop there soon after picking up the rental car.

      Nothing wrong with walleye, either. I haven't been to Minnesota for a few years, but it is always on my list, as is the smoked fish in the place on the road leading up the shore between Duluth and Two Harbors.

    2. The Mug'n'Bun is on West 10th Street in Speedway inside I465. I grew up there and remember the Mug'n'Bun well. I have been sampling a lot of breaded pork tenderloins of late including many in Indiana. I haven't gotten back to the Mug'n'Bun yet but have been hearing a lot of pro and con. It has a great reputation but places can change. I do know if you want a tenderloin there are many great places in and around Indianapolis. If you did venture to the Red Onion you will find a great one there. You can somewhat evaluate for yourself if pictures can help at my personal web site where I have posted pictures from currently 27 different restaurants plus a few of my own.


      1. The Checkerboard in Lafayette has fried catfish. Its a dive bar around 18th and kossuth. I liked it, but it is the only place that I have had it that I can still remember, so I can't really be that objective.

        1. The Porthole on Lake Lemon outside of Bloomington has good fried catfish.

          1. It's been a few years, and it's nowhere near Indianapolis, but Marti's served the best catfish I've ever eaten.


            (Marti's is on the bank of the Kankakee River, in the middle of nowhere near DeMotte, IN...)