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Jul 22, 2006 04:18 PM

new inventive breakfast places

Any new breakfast places that hounders are dying to reveal? Not just the ordinary eggs and pancake variety, but more inventive takes on breakfast.....geography not important. Thanks.

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  1. lemon moon on olympic between centinela and bundy

    1. The very best innovative breakfast, brunch is Norma's in Palm Springs, CA at the Parker Meridian Hotel. We discovered it when we were in NY and the same one there and delighted to find one in our neighborhood

      1. Chowhounders; i know about these; are there any breakfast places that go beyond the usual eggs and bacon? Please reply. thanks.

        1. I love the filipino breakfast....rice, eggs, lognisa (sweet sausage), etc.....they have different kinds. You can find it most filipino areas......"Chow King" in Carson has it, although I don't like it all that much.....

          Oaxcan breakfasts over at Monte Alban and Gueleguetza....very interesting dishs...only been once or so

          Traditional English Breakfast over at the King's Head in SM is a good time. I think its weekends only and they do open around 10 I think....

          Still looking for a japanese breakfast (octupus, etc).

          Uncle Bill's Pancake House...they have a bacon and cheddar waffle.....havne't tried this combo......but its a good place to have some breakfast.....just decent omelltes etc...not outstanding

          Marmalade Cafe (PV, Grove, and I think the valley) have some very interesting egg dishes like tortilla omlettes, chili omelletes, etc.

          I had Dim Sum for breakfast/brunch today from a chinese restaurant in Torrance this morning...I think Royal Palace????...many chinese restaurants serve dim sum earlier in the day....I've had it early at Ocean Star too....

          1. Try BLD ... I think Chowpatty just did a write up of it (although not for breakfast per se).