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Jul 22, 2006 03:52 PM

Gourmet Store/ Cheese Store in Montvale, NJ

Anyone know of a good gourmet/ cheese store, together or separate, in the Montvale NJ area.


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  1. For cheese, check out Laraia's Cheese in Nanuet, NY, not too far away from Montvale. They make their own mozzarella, have an excellent selection of other cheeses at reasonable prices, and offer wonderfully warm and helpful service. Check out their website:

    1. Thanks, you have been very helpful since our recent move :-).

      We have been heading over that way quite a bit, Palisades Mall/ Home Depot so Nanuet is very convenient. I will definitely check it out. Getting tired of supermarket parmesan cheese, fresh grated but I am looking for a nice hunk!
      Homemade Mozz sounds terrific, we love it with portabellos from the bbq and fresh basil...YUM! I hope it is made with pasteurized ingredients...being pregnant and all, have a hard time finding what I like, sunds like they would be very helpful.

      BTW: Someone told me about DeCicco's in New City just yesterday. Any thoughts on that? Do you know the store?

      Thanks again...

      1. Hi, if you are willing to go a little farther from Montvale, go to Tenafly NJ. Chez Cheese on the main street/Washington Ave. They have a website..the best cheeseshop around.

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          Thanks...I know Tenafly a bit.

          Absolutely willing to drive there and will check out Chez Cheese. I am lucky in that I work from home so I can scoot over during non-rush hours anyway.

          Looking forward to going there this week...

        2. I am sure you will find something you like at Chez Cheese, unfortunately, we always did lol.

          1. I love Echo & Whetstone Gourmet in Rivervale, NJ (about 10 minutes or so from Montvale). They have great cheese, Niman Ranch meats, fish, & other supplies for obscure foodie demands.
            Lairia's Cheese has a great selection of cheese, but be aware of their hours. During the week they close at 5, & on the weekends are only open on Saturday until 1:00.