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Jul 22, 2006 03:28 PM

Boba Tea

I am coming back to Boston after two years in Los Angeles, where boba tea shops are on almost every block in much of the city - I've grown addicted. Has this wonderful drink found its way to Boston yet?

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  1. Yes you can get it at several places in Chinatown.

    Also there is a place in the 88 food court. (perhaps a chain you are familiar with from CA)

    Some other random spots around.

    1. there are a few boba offerings in harvard square. both tealuxe and dado tea offer pearls as an adjunct to their normal tea menus. it's been awhile since i've had these, but i remember the texture of the boba as not ideal (a bit dry in the middle), which is a shame. i would like to have pearls in actual tea.

      if you're like me, and are also happy to drink the crazily sweet 'tea' at most boba shops, i think boston tea stop's boba are just the right squishiness. it's also too expensive, at around $3.50, but i still go when i'm missing the shops on sawtelle.

      1. My picks are the one in Chinatwon Eatery (the little group of stalls upstairs on the corner Beach and Harrison in Chinatown) and Infusions on Brighton Ave in Allston.

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        1. re: limster

          Im going to dimsum tomorrow, I may have to try that one in the eatery!

          1. re: hargau

            I second the Juice Bar in the Eatery.

            This afternoon I had a mango boba, made fresh from mango chunks and lots of nice, squishy pearls. It was great!

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              Infusions is definitely my favorite place for bubble tea in Boston....I think their boba is always the perfect texture (never too slimy or too hard) and their tea is excellent. I don't really like their slushes, although some of my friends do, and they don't really have any juices at all. If you want juice with boba, head elsewhere (like Rainbow Cafe in Chinatown) or the place in the Chinatown Eatery, like Limster said.

              Dave MP

          2. One I really like is Tapicha ( ), in the Porter Exchange building. They give you a little stamp card; buy 10 drinks, get 1 free.

            I still mourn for the fallen Cassava Boba Lounge (boba + crepes + panini + WiFi). RIP.

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            1. re: cavedwellers

              Tapicha uses flavored syrups instead of real fruit--I was disappointed in my lychee boba.

              1. re: Dib

                I love the lychee boba there. Everyone at Tapicha is so friendly.

                I also enjoy going to the Boston Tea Stop in Harvard. They have lots of interesting flavors (rose is my favorite there) and a large variety of mochi ice cream as well.

              2. re: cavedwellers

                I loved the people at Tapicha and the fact that they had a stamp card, but my tea tasted dusty(?!) and I have not been back.

                1. re: cavedwellers

                  The people at Tapicha are friendly, but I'd definately choose Boston Tea Stop. The teas are better, there's places to sit and games and wifi. They offer tea, milk tea, slush, snow and juice. They also have dumplings and mochi. Another advantage is their hours. Tapicha seems to be open when they want to be (I've gone a few times during normal hours to find them closed), Boston Tea Stop is open until at least midnight every night!

                  Also, I second the rose tea recommendation. Good stuff!

                2. Well I tried the ChinaTown Eatery Juice bar today. Hard to judge as I think I picked a flavor that I just dont like. I got a Lychee Ice w/ Boba. It was very sweet and tasted like perfume! She did use real (canned)lychee fruit. One thing I didnt like is they give it to you in a plain old styrofoam cup w/ lid. I really like to be able to see the boba pearls in a clear cup. (and move my straw around accordingly)

                  Next id like to try Bao Bao Bakery seems alot of people were going there.