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Jul 22, 2006 02:30 PM

Good, interesting chinese (or asian generally) that also has superplain steamed chicken

Tall order, maybe. Anything? Around the village is preferable.


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  1. I would guess that most Chinese places would steam plain chicken for you if you really must eat this way.

    1. I was just perusing Evergreen's menu and they appear to have nice steamed dishes.
      Their regular stuff is superb. But, Oh dear.... I just realized they are located at 69th and 1st.
      They deliver by car but I would guess the Village is a bit of a stretch.

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        right...well, if you're planning on the village, chinatown isn't much of a stretch. Jaya has good Malaysian and the Haianese steamed chicken is plain steamed, with sauce on the side.

      2. Grand Sichuan (multiple locations, one in the East Village) is one of the more "interesting" Chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown. It also uses steamed chicken (albeit shredded) in a number of its preparations, so I'm sure they would be able to accomodate this wish. Still, this is clearly not where a Chinese restaurant will shine.

        1. Thanks; we ended up doing Chinatown Brasserie, and the steamed-chicken-orderer changed her mind at the last minute.

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              That's what I was going to suggest... despite all the criticism of CB on the board- we had a nice meal there last week. I think the key, as is with many restaurants is understand what kind of place you are going to before you go. It is standard chinese food (prepared with good ingredients) in a hip upscale setting. If setting is important to you, and you don't mind paying extra, it is a delicious meal. Especially if some of the people in your party are not the most adventurous eaters when it comes to asian food. But it still has delicious dim sum and great peking duck for those looking for something slightly more authentic.

              Just check the prices before you go... if spending $17 on General Tso's is going to piss you off or you have your favorite authentic chinatown dim sum place that will never be beat- don't go to Chinatown Brasserie, because it is not going to worth it. Doesn't make it a bad place though, it's just not for everybody...

              Check out pics of our meal @ http://egustibus.wordpress.com/2006/0...