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Jul 22, 2006 01:28 PM

Banh Mi

I have become a student of banh mi. Much less fattening than Italian Heros. Saigon Banh Mi which thankfully moved from East Broadway to Mott off Hester is by far the best although you still often have to wait a half hour. No. 1 Banh Mi on Broome around the corner is a solid second place with no wait. I finally tried Nicky's pork chop banh mi on 2nd street the other day which was great but still not up to the classic (i.e. pate, roast pork) of Saigon. I've also had a lousy one in Elmhurst (pho bac?) and some mediocre to great ones on Larkin Street in Little Saigon in San Francisco. But Saigon on Mott is still far and away the best I've had. Gonna head to Seattle next month. Will be on the lookout (although I think I'll revert to Italian Heros at Batali's father's place-Salumi)!

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  1. Ba Xuyen in Sunset Park is tremendously good, if rather out of the way.

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      You have to try the Brooklyn spots: Thanh Da & Ba Xuyen. I love Ba Xuyen.

      1. re: Peter Cuce

        Finally tried Ba Xuyen-goddamn it-it was fantastic! Although I believe the ingredients of Saigon Bakery on Mott may be better, the overall sandwich at Ba Xuyen was superior. Thanks for the rec. Banh Mi DC in Falls Church Virginia remains the best I've had and I've tried them throughout San Francisco, NY and Seattle.

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          finally! yes that banh mi will always be the winner. the roast pork is outta control, the meatball is not that good and of course the combo kills it.

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            Bahn Mi in Falls Church takes the cake for me too, i have searched nyc for a better sandwhich, i'll give brooklyn bahn mi a shot

      2. Give Nha Sach Khai Tri at 145 Canal a try.

        1. Salumi is great, just be prepared for the line.

          1. a little bit higher end but very good 5 nine in the meat packing dist...

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