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Jul 22, 2006 01:27 PM

Introduction to Thai?

Hi all! Have long been partial to Indian and Chinese but haven't much enjoyed Thai food any of my half-dozen or so attempts. Would like to give it another shot and am seeking recommendations. I like the idea of a (midtown) lunch buffet -- offering a variety of tastes and opportunities to find favorite dishes -- but any mid-priced Village place would be great. Toons? Boyd Thai? Wild Ginger? Isle Thai? Which to try?

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    1. Yep, read through this one before posting, but I assumed (perhaps wrongly) that people might have different recommendations for "best in the city" and "introduction to."

      1. Maybe for an intro, Holy Basil or Wondee or Vynl or Montien Thai or Rain are ok.

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          Boyd Thai is a good option in the Village. I'm particularly partial to their chicken Pad Prik Khing, which is chicken with green beans and a mild, lemongrassy chili paste served with rice. If you're in the area for lunch they have a good special (the accompanying soup and salad are nothing to write home about, but the whole thing is 5.95).

          What HAVEN'T you liked about Thai food? That might help you get some better advice.

          1. re: melon

            This is all terrific advice -- I don't know how it might be better if I tried to explain why I've never cared for Thai! Basically, I just haven't liked the spices. (Also true of Japanese food, but I'm more interested in Thai.) I admit: It's a character flaw.

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          1. in the Village, i like Galanga on W. 4th street, at 6th ave (east side). they've just introduced a new menu. i love their chicken basil w/ fried egg - they grind the chicken in a more authentic thai-manner than most places, who tend to use large pieces. it comes with nam pla prik pla on the side. i used to get this off the menu before they added to the new menu. it is called pad ka phrao gai (sic), and is listed under "rice dishes". their honey pork chop is very good, it is a twist on moo yang. i also like their shrimp in a clay pot and chiang mai noodles, and their massaman curry is good too.