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Jul 22, 2006 01:20 PM

Are these restaurants still around?

I am working on a vegan restaurant review site (www.sondraslair.com/phillyrestaurants...) and need some help. I've compiled a list of veggie places from various internet sites, but I'm sure many of them are no longer around. Can anyone tell me if the following places are still open for business?

Patterson's Paradise Restaurant
Oasis Living Cuisine
Samosa Indian Vegetarian
Olive Vegan Cafe
Chinese Rice House

Thanks and good, responsible eating!

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    1. Patterson's Paradise Restaurant burned down last year and it doesn't look like they're going to come back. Samosa Indian Vegetarian has been closed since March. The note on the door (if I remember correctly) insinuated that they didn't pay their rent to the building owners.

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        1. Rice House is also closed. Thank you.

          1. A great vegan restaurant has opened -- Horizons -- on South Street -- got 3 bells (= stars) from our restaurant critic and we absolutely loved it (and we're not vegetarians).