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Breaking up with Grimaldi’s

There were a couple of posts recently about some less than stellar Grimaldi’s experiences, mostly having to do with wait time and having the management allow groups to cut the line. I have been around the pizza block in Brooklyn and NYC for the last two decades so I knew what to expect in terms of wait, quality, what to order, hustle and bustle, etc. We had two pies; one with olives and garlic and the other with pepperoni and extra cheese.

The crusts were thicker and less cooked and the toppings were skimpier than I ever remember them being, two basil leaves per pie offered no additional flavor. Because of the rain, it was less busy than what could be expected for a Friday night (we got there around 7 with no wait) - could that be it, less turn over? The place was defiantly over run with tourists. We didn’t get our beer until the pizzas were half eaten, after three requests; we got the grated parmesan (placed with the initial order). When I asked the old guy for the cheese, he told me to ask a waiter – why couldn’t he have asked the waiter for us?

I think this is, I’m breaking up with my sweetheart, she’s changed; I wish her the best of luck in the future, giving it up to all the people from out of town who will never appreciate her the way I once did.

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  1. It's always sad when you break up with a longtime love. However, as someone who has never been a big fan of Grimaldi's, it certainly sits OK with me.

    My favorite classic pizza is Arturro's in the city. As a Brooklyn pie expert, what's your favorite out here?

    1. I recently did the same and had been a big fan. Just tired of being treated so poorly there. It's like you're imposing on them when you ask them to make a pizza so you can fork over your $.

      1. We're in the same boat. On days we're not willing to travel down to Midwood or Coney Island, Sam's on Court St makes a great pie.

        1. I *love* Grimaldi's pizza, but I'm getting tired of their poor attitudes as well. The other day we wanted to place a takeout order, but their phone was off the hook. I decided to order in person and was told I'd have to wait in the line just to place the order.

          What kind of take out is that?

          1. As we all know, DiFara's is something special, I'm at about two pies a month. Lento's in park slope is what I grew up on but I heard even their Bay Ridge operation has seen its last days, I don't know this first hand, if anyone can confirm.

            But truth be told I have a soft spot in my heart for the regular old storefront slice establishment. Pino's in Parl Slope gets a bad rap in chowhound land and I gues that's ok as my admiration for their pie is 99% sentimental. I will mention another slice spot that I thnk is worth a special trip...Not Ray's on Fulton ("cheese that will please" ;"a crust you can trust")serves a better than average neighorhood slice and pie. I alsos enjoyed recent ventures to Anthony's and Franny's. I'm on the rebound and looking to get loose with some pies, anyone have a single cousin who happens to be a pizza?

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              Not Ray's serves an excellent slice, right off the subway. never had a pie.

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                Unfortunately you are correct – Lento’s in Bay Ridge IS closed. There was some sort of family dispute, search this website for more info.

              2. I had a discouraging experience at Grimaldi's last month: rude service, beverage order messed up, pizza mediocre, at best. Wouldn't go back.

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                  I still like the place. I live close by and enjoy a grimaldi's/ice cream factory meal. I don't find them to be that obnoxious- and the line only bothers me in the dead of winter. Sometimes their pies can be uneven- but overall I still think their GREAT. Someone has to stick up for it...

                2. bklyn_j, you're young, you still have your health, you'll find another pizza place...

                  1. Grimaldi's under the bridge is owned by the Bamonte Family in Willamsburg's. It has been going down hill ever since it it was sold to the Bamonte Family. I wonder my self why. They have been in the rest biz for way over 100 years. My adivce to you is to write to the owner and tell them what has happen to you. Sometimes the are so busy they just do not pick up on the small things. Oh well.

                    1. In other words, it is becoming just as lousy as Bamonte's.