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Jul 22, 2006 11:48 AM

Summerside, PEI

Going to be threre for two days this week. ANY good recommendations of any type? All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and kinds of eating experience welcome.

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  1. Haven't been to this place, but I plan on visiting it in when I'm in PEI next month.

    Flex Mussels

    You can read a New York Times review here (you'll need to login, though):

    1. 2 cents, thanks for the link.

      Flex Mussels certainly was not in Summerside the last time we visited but that was a number of years ago. It may very well have been in the same general area as I recollect walking through a "touristy" area on the water which was full of typical tourist shops and the like.

      Having lived in Montreal where Moulerie's were quite popular on Ste. Denis Street I was surprised at how little mussels were exploited apart from the traditional steamed variety on PEI given their abundance everywhere. Looks from their menu that Flex is trying to change that.

      rsvp7777: I hope you find or found depending upon when you read this message better spots to eat that we did.

      Unfortunately, we did not eat too well on the Island. The people were wonderful but I certainly had my fill of deep fried chips, clams and the like by the time we left.

      A few notable exceptions were the Inn at Bay Fortune outside of Souris, the Inn at St. Peters, Dalvray By The Sea up just inside the Prince Edward Island National Park, On [or it may be Off...I never get it correct]Broadway across from the Gahan Pub in Charlottetown, the Merchantman Pub across from the Delta Hotel in Charlottetown.

      Have also heard good things about the The Pilot House in Charlottetown and the Day Boat just outside the city..I am not trying to be a smart ass when I observe that given the size of the island, just about anything is just outside Charlottetown.

      1. Flex Mussels is still on the Summerside Waterfront. Informal fast and moderate in price & fresh. They weigh up a pound or two depending on what you want and steam them for you while you watch. The cost/pound is $8 - $10 depending on which of about 20 different sauces you want them steamed in. Served with french fries or a half baquette, you walk outside and sit at a picnic table and people watch. Absolutely delicious. --DVR