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Jul 22, 2006 07:19 AM

Trattoria Toscana, Fenway, Boston

A perfect nuance of sweetness in the savoury chicken liver spread on grilled bread.

A cloud of fennel hangs over the juicy bits of sausage, together with crisply chopped spinach, also presented as a bruschetta option.

In the Caprese, satisfactory mozarella and tomato, pitch perfect sprinkle of herbs, brilliant green whiff of basil.

Gnocchi are firm but light and tender, a rich emerald pesto with a strong garlic accent.

Tagliatelle, crinkled on the edges, are precisely al dente, a pleasant chewy resilience. A clovey ragu, meaty and tomatoey.

Pancetta gives a crisp savoury and smokey touch to a tomato based sauce that coats a dish of penne.

Evocative honeycomb tripe, ribbons of snappy ripping deliciousness with no heavy flavours, a balanced tomato sauce.

A warm tomato and cream cloak on a dish of chicken.

Tiramisu carries a good background of coffee, a rich creamy blanket of mascapone, and moist but not soggy cake layers.

Heartwarming food, skillfully and carefully rendered, a kitchen with just the right touch.

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  1. I went here just last night for the first time.

    Everything looked great on the menu, so I just asked the waiter to have the guys in the kitchen pick any entree and surprise me. My girlfriend ordered the grilled sirloin with rosemary and olive oil.

    Our waitress brought me the Tagliatele Al'Ragu Toscano - taglitele pasta with ground veal and pork and porcini mushrooms. This dish was pretty good - pasta cooked perfectly, ground meat was tasty. However, the dish lacked seasoning and didn't have a noticible porcini flavor.

    My girlfriend's sirloin was cooked perfectly, but it wasn't anything special. The potatos were pretty good and the cold marinated grilled zucchini is fine. A very simple dish well executed. For $18 it's still cheap for steak at a restaurant, but I could make this dish easily and quickly at home for a fraction of the price.

    This is not a romantic restaurant for a date. Service was very attentive and friendly.

    Overall, both of our meals were good, simple, and affordable. I wasn't Wowed by my first meal there, but I would like to go back and try a few more things.

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      1. Penne a la carratiere...incredible.

        1. Limster - can you share any more details about the chicken liver mousse/pate? A lot of restaurants try to duplicate this Tuscan dish and it just never seems quite right. The sweet wine overpowers or the seasoning is just not quite right. Or they deliver it to the table straight out of the fridge with no time to come down to room temperature. Would you go back for it or have you had better versions somewhere else?


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            The last time I had this dish was probably in Florence or one of Tuscan hill towns. This version here wouldn't feel out of place there. Wasn't too sweet, served at room temperature and the bread was warm from the grill. It's something I'd likely order often at Trattoria Toscana.

            1. re: limster

              Thanks, Limster. This tells me I should go try it for sure. La Morra had a tasty version that I tried, but it was served cold. Grrr.

              BTW, wondering if anyone has seen this other Tuscan dish around town-- it's a warm dish that IIRC is a blend of liver and ground beef or veal, served with toast. The texture was like really fine taco filling in gravy (seriously) and the flavor was like the best meat stew ever. No idea the name of it (can I be more helpful) but I'm still dreaming about it.

          2. I go to TT once every two weeks...if I'm there for dinner, I get the liver crostini. As close to Tuscany as you'll get around here.