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Jul 22, 2006 07:05 AM

Looking for Good Organic Basmati Rice

Ideally aged basmati.

A brand and a store would be much appreciated.


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  1. hello, gerard, i'm no basmati connoisseur and get by with the organic, Cali-grown, cheap stuff at trader joe's. are you SF,eastbay, or other- based? there's a biggish Indian market on University in Berserkly just west of San Pablo, Milan I believe is the name, try calling them; if you frequent that 'hood there's another shop on San Pablo just north of Univ, Indus foods? next to a decent small restaurant(Indus Village), same side as and close to the Spanish Table store. Santa Clara county must have what you seek somewhere. have fun

    1. Try Rainbow Grocery in S.F. Sure to have organic basmati in baags and in bulk but more specific than that I cannot say,

      1. Country Cheese in West Berkeley has organic basmati and organic brown basmati.

        1. I'm pretty sure they have it cheap in bulk at Berkeley Bowl. High turnover so good quality.

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            Yes, BB has organic basmathi (brown and white). Don't know how aged it is....The older the better I've heard tell. Is this correct? I man not 25 years old or anything.

          2. I think I saw some at Trader Joe's. They have some new organic rice products.