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Jul 22, 2006 06:24 AM

hip place for a dessert date?

I'm in the Fenway area and need a place to go on a first date for "just dessert." I already know him, so we don't need something too low key, but I also don't want anything too quiet/romantic. (I think Petit Robert is a little too "nice" for what I am going for, if that helps at all...)

I was thinking Eastern Standard? Any other suggestions?

The date's this Sunday. So, I know this is last minute, but thanks all!

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  1. Try the Thai pumpkin custard (stuffed in a japanese pumpkin/squash) at Brown Sugar cafe.

    1. Finale on Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner just opened and is not so far from you and is all about desert - also Athans bakery, on Washington and Beacon in Brookline - fabulous everything at Athans

      1. Finale may be a bit too "nice," but Athan's could be just right. There are only 2 or 3 tables, but they are right in the window which makes for good people-watching, and most people go there for takeout so you can usually get a seat. Great selection of pastries, chocolates, and gelato.

        1. Taberna de Haro might work for your purposes: it's got great Spanish atmosphere, a short list of traditional Spanish desserts, an excellent cheese plate, and good dessert wines, notably ports and sherries. Pleasant sidewalk patio, too.

          1. Athans would be perfect for you if you don't mind traveling a bit, but I'd go to their factory/bistro location in Brighton Center. Much bigger dining/cafe area with plenty of tables, great atmosphere with large art-school student paintings and cool lighting. Plus you can get table service there, and the staff is really friendly.