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Jul 22, 2006 05:26 AM

master sushi chefs

i just read on the katsuya web site which said that chef uechi is one only four master sushi chefs in los angeles.... who are the other three then... ALSO where do great sushi chefs eat their sushi? anyone know?

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  1. Second question: I saw Nobi (of Sasabune) at Sushi Spot in Tarzana (Corbin and Ventura) one evening; he was having dinner. I think a lot of them have a teacher-student or a co-chef relationship, and just like us "regular peoples," they enjoy visiting their friends. But their time is limited because of the nature of their business, so, if they can eat and say "hello" at the same time, they frequent the sushi bars of their companions and compadres.

    We have asked several of them this question, and a lot of them say they like hamburgers!

    1. i dont know where they eat sushi but i sat next to nobu matsuhisa at the yakitori bar at Nanbankan on Santa Monica. I have been eating there for almost 20 years and it is the best yakitori spot in town.