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Jul 22, 2006 04:33 AM

Tom Douglas restaurants and other recos? (seattle)

Which one is good? I saw him on Iron Chef and wanted to try when I visit.

Going to Salumi as well for

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  1. Xericx, The interesting thing about Tom's 4 restaurants is how they differ from each other. (In cooking styles, menu's, decor, etc.) By far, the strongest is The Dahlia Lounge. However, Palace Kitchen offers very earthy foods with a more boisterous atmosphere. Etta's is the weakest of the four but still quite good. I would recommend LOLA for breakfast (Tom's Big Breakfast of grilled octopus, pork belly and eggs) and Palace Kitchen for dinner. LOLA, Palace Kitchen and The Dahlia Lounge are all located on the same block (!) so you can review the menu's in the windows, look at their style and decide.
    Have fun at Salumi, it's a gem.

    1. when tom douglas was still at the point that he worked every day in the kitchen of dahlia, the food was consistently inventive and delicious. now that he is an author, the manufacturer of various products and national culinary personality, the cuisine at all his places is produced by hired employees without owner supervision and varies according to their moods; it differs from appleby's only in scale. lola was wonderful for a few weeks when it opened during which he was in the kitchen constantly (indeed, all his places opened stunningly) but is now just as unpredictable as any of his other places - i go to dahlia/palace/etta's like i used to go to fisherman's wharf when i lived in san francisco; only at the insistence of guests who just have to try it for themselves. much better that you go somewhere like union or ray's or il bistro where the chef is in the kitchen rather than on airplanes.

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        Howard, comparing Tom Douglas' restaurants to Applebys is simply rediculous. I had dinner at the Dahlia a couple weeks ago and found the food delicious and the service excellent. It seems like you are putting Tom down for being successful. He has worked hard to get where he is and he treats his employees well. Note: I have no professional connection to Tom Douglas' enterprises.

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          You equate Dahlia to Applebee's and then go on to recommend Ray's and the ever in decline Il Bistro? Whoa. I smell a bit of bitterness. Hounds, I've been in the service industry forever and the Dahlia has been consistenly superior to most other Seattle restaurant offerings for all of my 8 years in this city. (I'll refrain from the "when I lived in.." qualifiers.) If I had anything to say to the poster, it'd be bring a book when you go to Salumi. I can't wait in that line anymore.

          Oh, and Howard Pike Place Creamy is THE place to go to refill your saucer.

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            bitter, indeed, at spending first quality cash on third quality food and service and then having one's motives questioned. i have been in hospitality for 30 years, at the range, at the door and in the classroom and recommend those places which i have personally found to consistently maintain high standards of food and service with little regard for the fluff of press agentry and marketing mavens. btw, i am a one of nancy at the creamERY's steadiest customers; you may benefit from her new line of raw milk products.

        2. None of them. The only one that comes close to palatable is Palace Kitchen.

          Salumi is a decent choice, though.

          1. Palace Kitchen is my fave TD restaurant. It's more casual and has a "party" atmosphere. If you are going soon, you can have the deep fried corn on the cob, which is one of the more interesting and tasty things I have eaten recently.

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              Going in a week or two....I like the party atmosphere..kinda looking for that.....

            2. The original comment has been removed