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Jul 22, 2006 03:59 AM

Replacing my microwave/convection oven

I have a faithful combination microwave/convection oven that has given me great service for over 10 years. Now that we're remodeling the kitchen in our new house and buying new appliances, it's time to replace it. We looked at available models and found one with a feature that we've never seen before -- a combination that also provides the alternative of high speed cooking with halogen light. Does anyone have experience with these? Should I go for this (GE Advantium is the brand we saw) or stick with the microwave/convection?

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  1. You know, I would love to know the answer to this question also. I have seen all the Advantium promises. Who has one, who can tell us if they are true???

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      Maybe if I re-post under the title "Advantium Oven" someone will respond.