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Jul 22, 2006 01:11 AM

Best sushi in Brooklyn

Hey Chowhounders,
I would like to know if anyone could name a couple of places where I could get some great sushi in Brooklyn? I'm not too familiar with Brooklyn but I've been to a few places in Manhattan (e.g. Yasuda and Jewel Bako). Thanks! :)

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  1. Taro sushi. Hands down the best. Don't let others tell you Blue Ribbon. You'd be paying a high price for inferior fish that is either extremely cold or old. Geido has nice atmosphere and a good kitchen but the sushi (again in my opinion) has a lot to be desired. Taro is on Dean street between 5th avenue and Flatbush.

    1. Agreed - Geido may be the best Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn, but Taro is hands down the best sushi joint. It won't get to quite the level of Yasuda or Jewel Bako, but if you get the omakase you will approach that level at 1/3-1/4 the cost. The owner is definitely the best sushi chef there.

      1. I do think that Taro is really great- but we have been loving Nouvelle in Bay Ridge lately. Try the Omakase.

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          I have been to Nouvelle many times. It is great, but somebody who i recommended it to told me the Chef, Andy Yang, left and the food was not as good as when he was there. Is this true, and if it is, does anybody know where he went to.

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            No no no no no! Please don't recommend Nouvelle. I ate there for my birthday after kind recommendations on the forum and haven't been more disappointed in my life (okay, maybe once... but that's another story). The prices are near Manhattan prices but the quality is pure Bay Ridge, mediocre at best.

            The toro tuna sashimi that I had was disgustingly spoiled, like it was at least 5 days old and not kept in completely sanitary conditions. When I told the server, they took it away, didn't apologize or replace the dish. 15 minutes later, when we're into our appetizer, he comes by and says "You didn't want that fish anymore, right?" ... Right.

            The steak dish I had was supposed to have truffle sauce on it... turned out to be extremely cheap truffle oil with some kind of half exotic mushroom piled over the tough meat.

            Disgusting. I felt sorry for being treated to that dinner.

            The decor is tacky and faux-trendy. Don't go anywhere near there. Please.

          2. Forget comparing anything Sushi in BK to that of Yasuda or Jewel. I realize that is not the intention, but just the same is deserves emphasis. That said, I strongly second Taro and Geido. Taro in my not so humble op. is the best in BK. Do not eat at Blue Ribbon. I jast had a horribly served meal, waited for what seemed like half way through the meal to get the bottle of Sake we ordered, spent 200, and were treated like dogs. Never again.

            1. Cube 63, on Court St. in Cobble Hill, is the best in the Heights/Hill area among current choices. Not anywhere near what you'd see at Yasuda, but the sushi variety and quality is excellent.

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                I disagree, Cube 63 is O.K. but there portions were way too small. I’d rather go to Osaka. It’s not the best in Brooklyn, but in the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area it’s one of the more consistent sushi restaurants IMO. They also have good cooked dished and a great outdoor space to eat in.