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Jul 22, 2006 12:45 AM

speaking of Julia... "My Life in France"

Is this board inclined to the literary? Anyone read her account of her years in France, when she was just learning to cook and developing her ideas culminating in those classics, Mastering...Vol 1 and 2? I love Julia, and the book is such a treat.

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  1. I loved this book! You get all the back story on the trials and tribulations she had to go through to develop the recipes, her fight to get her culinary arts diploma, and just how much her husband Paul contributed to the books. Julia also discusses her family life and her relationship with her father. If you want to know more about Julia, read this book; I promise you'll enjoy it!

    1. I read this too while on vacation. It was a great read, and I was totally charmed by her.

      1. I too was charmed by her, and found her story quite fascinating. After hearing her voice for so many years, I found that if I slowed down and read very contemplatively, I could hear the words of the book exactly as if she were speaking them aloud, right down the inflections and which words she would stress in a sentence, almost as if I were listening to an audiobook she had recorded.

        1. I also enjoyed this book so much, especially learning how she came to be so much more than a cookbook author - a T.V. personality, and a cultural icon. I had just finished "The Reach of a Chef" as well as "Heat," so it was interesting counterpoint.