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Jul 22, 2006 12:34 AM

Redondo Beach Pier Seafood?

Hi, I'm plannning a trip down to Redondo Beach pier, and i've
always looked at the seafood places on the pier (not the real expensive, fancy looking one), but the fast-food looking places
with the big tanks of crab & lobster.

Are those places any good? Opinions? Good ones, bad ones?

Or am I risking a drive on the porcelain bus?



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  1. I can't believe this was almost three years ago, but here's my first experience at Redondo pier:

    1. quality seafood (under the pier) is an institution. great for styrofoam plate shellfish and anything else you want down and dirty fresh-off-the-docks style...

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      1. re: rameniac

        Super-cheap pitchers of beer, too!

      2. We recommend the Pacific Fish House, across from new Tony's....
        Go to the counter, order your Dungeness Crab or Lobster, the cook weighs it, and the counter gal tells you price, you pay, then they seat you at a table covered with butcher paper....they bring the (in our case) crab, with bib, and mallet, and brerak off the body shell, with the juice and goodies in it to get you started, and they quarter the rest
        which is legs and thigh. Great taste..lots of fun.

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        1. re: 4ahns

          I second Pacific Fish House.
          You HAVE TO get the crab from this place.
          It's just too delicious.
          I also like raw oysters, sashimi, and spicy Korean fish soup from this place.

        2. I had a really great experience at Quality a few weeks back. Got a ton of oysters, many varieties, and they charged me the least expensive price for all of them. VERY fresh, even though I understand it's not quite oyster season.

          THEN, I got a Dungeness crab, one of the ones already steamed and in the case. They heated it up for me and I saved a good $10 by getting it this way, instead of picking a live one. The ones in the case are steamed throughout the day and are still very fresh. It was really good...and you can get drinks (wine from a box!) and butter, mallets, etc. at the connected stand just kitty-corner.

          Also, they have a bunch of different fish filets they can broil for you on demand.

          Get a Mai Tai in a souvenir glass at Top O'Tony's while you watch the sunset, and it's a great day indeed!

          1. Check out the Korean restaurants on the pier. Especially the one near the end of the pier, where everyone is fishing. They have the crab there!