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Jul 22, 2006 12:25 AM

Helix Pomatia Snails - Seattle Source


Do any of y'all know where to get these little suckers? I have a friend who is trying like mad to source them; apparently they're the honest-to-god "escargot" snails and, being extremely aggressive (now there's a funny mental image... can gastropods be aggressive?), they are outlawed as a commercial product. They can be raised, but they cannot be sold.

They can, however, be "gifted..."


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  1. This time of year they'll be hiding. Ten years ago I found a huge colony in a large rose bush in Capitol Hill. I suppose you could ask around amongst gardeners to see who has a problem. See "Serve it Forth" by MFK Fisher, or Joy of Cooking, for purging and cleaning. And please be very very careful to keep live snails under control, in tight boxes. They are terribly destructive pests. It's unethical to breed them here. Harvest and enjoy - don't endanger other people's gardens by raising them.

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