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Jul 21, 2006 11:53 PM

Sushi Yotsuya in Tarzana

S Irene waxed rhapsodic abouit this joint as the best no frills, ultra fresh, omakase, neighborhood style joint in town.

But I have been here once before and it was good not great. Sushi Zo was better and Sushi Nozawa of course is much better.

All are the above sushi joints are in the same vein.

The only difference that makes Yotsuya possibly better than Nozawa is the decor/atmosphere and service and the fact that he serves one piece at a time (like Zo) But unlike nozawa who serves sushi always as two to an order.

Speaking of which, has anyone ever sat at the counter at Nozawa and had a piece of sushi one at a time so that you could have more of a variety?

Ă…nyways I still think Sherry has hit the deep end once again.

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  1. i don't think that's even possible as a request at the bar at nozawa, speaking as a regular customer. to be honest, 1 piece per fish wouldn't work at nozawa because there just aren't that many to choose from. of course you can order off the menu if sitting at table and splitting with dining companion, but then you end up even more limited because some items are only available through omakase (ie. toro, uni, aji).

    1. Kevin -
      There must be more to this review that either of us know, as this place has been around since 1999, so not only not new, actually relatively old in the scheme of the restaurant scene in LA or the Valley.
      Don't ask, don't tell, and maybe that is how it got reviewed!!!

      1. We tried Yotsuya once, maybe a couple of years ago. It was fine but not stellar. It was one of those places were we left feeling not quite satisfied yet having spent a fair amount. In that regard, our dinner at Yotsuya was reminiscent of previous experiences at The Hump and Mori, albeit not as expensive.

        In that area of town, I feel that Sushi Iki is by far the best option. In fact it is my favorite higher-end sushi bar regardless of location (excluding Urasawa, which of course is in another class altogether). They have a very large variety of fish and we always share orders so as to sample twice as many items. I don't know if they will do single pieces for single diners. They have lots of live items, although if you are watching your wallet do take care when ordering these because they drive up the bill really dramatically. The atmosphere is lovely as well, especially when compared to the typical Ventura Blvd. sushi bar. Next door to Charlie G's steakhouse.

        1. I like Sushi Iki, but I think the regular sushi menu is rather limited. I find it frustrating that if I want scallop sushi, the only option is the live scallop -- two pieces of scallop sushi and a mess of dynamite made with the remainder -- for $22. I admit that the fish is outstanding, comparable with most of the best sushi places I've been to. The slices also are huge (which partly explains the high prices for nigiri), so I warn first-timers to go careful when ordering. It is very easy to over-order.

          1. sushi iki, sounds pretty good.

            i think i heard mentioned on chowhound a few times before. and i know exactly where it is, a couple blocks from yotsuya.

            are the portions of nigiri actually that large? is it possible the chef is from a korean background? because a lot of the korean sushi bars have huge portions of fish draped over rice.

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            1. re: kevin

              No, the chef/owner, Eddie, is definitely Japanese, as is the other chef Adam. Eddie and his wife return to Japan periodically for visits and he talks about that.

              The nigiri portions are quite generous indeed.

              1. re: kevin

                Sushi Iki is excellent, and understated both in the attention it receives and in just how good it is!

                First, it is quietly very pretty inside with always some fresh flowers or live orchids on the bar. The chef/owner is very proud of his fresh offerings and it is a treat to just let him serve you! He is also extremely friendly and enjoys talking about what he has and what is in season. He has a lot of live options.

                As has been mentioned already, it can be quite pricey, but I think you will agree that it is a worthwhile visit and one of the best sushi bars in the valley.