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Jul 21, 2006 11:53 PM

Places to eat around SF Marriott/Hotel Palomar/MOMA

Hi all,

Fellow LA CH'er here!

Next week, I'll be taking a business trip to SF and will be staying at the Hotel Palomar, which the maps tell me is near the MOMA.

I'll be busy in the morning all the way until evening, with only one afternoon/night free, so I'd like to ask for your rec's!:

- Could you recommend a place that stays open really late (on most days, I won't be able to leave the meeting until 9PM) that is near the area?

- Also, could some good Chinese restaurants be recommended for dinner around the area, since I'll have 1 evening free?

And if possible, could the general price range of the places be listed, so I have enough cash with me? =)

Thanks, all!

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  1. There's not much open after 9 pm where you are, especially Chinese places. Are you willing to travel or will you have your own transporation?

    Pazzia (very good pizzas) on 3rd Street and Folsom I believe is open until 10:30. You'd be cutting it close, but Coco500 (Cal-Med; 4th & Brannan) is open until 10 M-Th and 11 F-Sa. Pazzia's about $10-$15 per main dish, Coco500 up to $20 or so.

    1. Go with Oola for post-9pm on Folsom Street between 3rd and 4th for late nite dining. For chinese food Canton is pretty good on 3rd and Hawthorne Lane, but prob. not past 9pm.

      1. If you're dining solo, I recommend grabbing a stool at the bar of the W Cafe in the lobby of the W hotel, it's a bit over-priced but the food is solid, much better than your standard late-night hotel fare. They have a good Curried Chicken salad $13 and great Burger $15 that they serve until 1 or 2 am. The Calamari $11? is also good and the pizzas are decent $13-17, though for pizza you would be much better off with pazzia if you can make it.

        Oola is a good option, 3 blocks from MOMA. The ribs are fantastic, lots of ginger, be prepared to spend over $30. Chaat Cafe (Indian) $10 and Cha am (Thai) $15 at the corner of 3rd and folsom are very good, they both close around 10.

        I can't help with Chinese, because I only like dim-sum and that's a day time thing.

        1. Just a snack recommendation: Beard Papa's next to the Marriott Hotel has great cream puffs and queues snaking out the front! Love the original vanilla puffs washed down with cold green tea. I think it's $1.75 for a puff.

          Second the Chaat Cafe recommendation.

          For Chinese food, if you're willing to walk all the way up towards downtown, go to R&G lounge on Kearny or Montgomery. Well known for authentic Cantonese dishes. Dinner will probably cost between $20 to $30.

          1. I second Pazzia and Oola. I've enjoyed many dinners at both. Pazzia also has some really good pasta dishes. Cha'am is a good option for Thai food. I've been told the restaurant (Japanese) inside of the St. Regis hotel is also very good.