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Jul 21, 2006 11:48 PM

Roller skating waitresses along I-10 ...

Last winter we were returning from a soccer tournament in Riverside and -- as a reward for playing really well -- I stopped along the way back to Culver City for ice cream for my ten year old.

And we had a really enjoyable diner meal in a joint along the way back in a place with roller skating waitresses.

At the time, they told us it was a one of a kind, with a plan to open another in Long Beach.

I want to say it was in West Covina, but maybe somewhere near La Puente.

Anyways, we traval along that way to sports tournaments and my son would like to return. But for the life of me, I can't recall the name or exactly where it was.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Google search is not helping.

They had good diner burgers and cold beer and -- I'm told -- the banana split was really "tight."


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  1. Could it have been the 60? If so, it sounds like Like-Go-Eats favorite:

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      Of course it could have been the 60. Do you think I know where I am after three straight days of watching 10-year-olds play soccer?

      Tell me more about friscos ...

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        I looked at the link ... that's it ... Thanks!!!

      2. That was my first thought...Friscos!! I spent my teens years in that place...

        Friscos is excellent. Fresh ingredients, they take time with your orders and large and well priced. I adore their breakfasts as well as their bugers and shakes. It totally is a place for a 10 year olds b-day party (Or after soccer party! ;)) where the parents can also get something decent... :)


        1. Made my first trip to Frisco's, we went to the one in City of Industry.

          The food was really good! i had a burger, the lettuce was crisp and their "special sauce" was realy good. (Probably just glorified Thousand Island, but it wasn't as sweet, which I liked.)

          The menue was HUGE, with sandwiches, and also a Greek section and a Mexican food section.

          Really, though, it was just a fun Saturday night out. The skating, dancing waitresses were adorable and the whole vibe was very simple and fun. There were lots of families with kids and they were lovin' it!

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            They also do great breakfasts. I love their omlete that has all kinds of good stuff inside it, and avocado draped on top. Really good hash browns, and the pancakes are great too.