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Jul 21, 2006 11:39 PM

Egg Roll Santa Monica Mall in the 80's

Any other locals who grew p in SM/Venice in the 80's. I still dream about the big (size of a burrito), yummy egg rolls served in the food court of the Santa Monica Place in the 80's. Anyone else remember these? Granted I was a teen at the time, but they seemed really amazing. At some point the chinese consession changed hands. Anyone know what happened to the owners? Anyone know anywhere else in LA to get big, delicious eggrolls?

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    The bubbly fried wonton skin that was really thick and chewy on the inside. And the inside was filled with lots of bbq pork and cabbage, etc. The extra yummy red sweet and sour was the best. Maybe not traditional Chinese, but definitely good old fashioned food court!

    I've posted about this place before and these type of egg rolls. The closest I've been directed to is Genghis Cohen on Fairfax (near Melrose). BUT - these are NOT anywhere near as good as the food court eggrolls were. So, beware. This place had ok american chinese - but it was just so so.

    If you find them, please post!

    1. Try Canton Kitchen. Probably what you're looking for-egg rolls the size of your fist. Take out place with lots of old style Cantonese food--place has been there 20+ years.

      Canton Kitchen, 12511 Venice Blvd.,Mar Vista

      1. Doesnt Raplhs or Albertsons have these types of eggrolls in its hot counter? Next to the fried chicken?