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Jul 21, 2006 11:09 PM

Business Lunch in Kirkland/Bellevue

SF Chowhound coming up to Seattle in July. Cannot wait to get back to your beautiful city.

I need to take important client somewhere nice in the area. Below are three places they suggested, so of the three, which is the best?

However, they and I and they are open to other places as well...

Third Floor Fish Cafe -
Daniel's Broiler -
Yarrow Bay Grill -

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  1. All three have decent food. I think Daniel's may be the best if you need a quiet place to talk business. Yarrow Bay has a lovely view of Lake Washington. Another good option is Sea Star in downtown Bellevue.

    1. I second the recommendation of Daniel's. Kind of old school, which may be perfect for business occasion. I also second the Sea Star (raw bar w/good seafood) on 108th just north of Main St. Lots of suits there at all hours.