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Jul 21, 2006 10:58 PM

The Himalayan House

New Indian/Nepali/Tibetan restaurant opened at the end of our street (Cooksie Street, Locust Point) tonight, it's only carryout/delivery, but it's fantastic! My wife and I had Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Pakora, Naan and "Honey Balls" for dessert. Definitely worth checking out!

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  1. Petera2 is correct. I work at Tide Point, and Himalayan House rocks! Tried it for the first time yesterday, The Lamb Methi was spiced nicely and butter tender, the Saag Paneer was delicious (they use frozen spinach, but who doesn't these days). And the Samosas were the best I ever had--crunchy, with creamy potatoes inside.

    If your ever near Ft. McHenry. Give them a try. They are takeout/delivery only.

    Himalayan House
    1522 East Fort Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21230

    1. Himalayan House has now become one of our favorite food joints in Baltimore. Take out only, but the food is outstanding! We have now had several of their menu items and each one is better than the next. However, the various Biryani dishes are the bomb -- make for awesome leftovers. You won't be disappointed!

      1. I echo the rave review of Himalayan House. My husband and I followed the recommendation, and were blown away. The first time we ate in -- though it is mostly takeout, they do have a small table for two, and we were told they will be adding more-- and the second we took out for a picnic at Fort McHenry. A little trivia--one of the owners, Prem Raja Mahat, has been called the Elvis Presley of Nepal. On our second visit, both of the owners remembered us. Between the hospitality and the amazing and affordable food-- try the Nepalese dumplings-- we will soon be regulars.

        1. Anything like this in the DC area? I'd love a yak dumpling!

          1. Absolutely love this place-- but the kitchen's been shut for renovations, per the person who answers the telephone.

            Anyone know the scoop?