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Jul 21, 2006 10:47 PM

Berkshires chow (including ice cream)

Looking for homemade ice cream near Jiminy Peak and a restaurant for kids but with yummy food!!! Mexican or casual new american would work....Thanks

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  1. A couple of suggestions...
    Our ABSOLUTE favorite restaurant in the Berkshires is the Castle Street Cafe, just around the corner from the main drag in Great Barrington. Besides wonderful "casual new american," it also has things like burgers and pasta. How old are the kids?
    A more casual place is a brew-pub on Route 7 in Gt. Barrington, just called The Brewery I think. I haven't been there in a while but it used to be very family-friendly, with good basic chow.

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      Unfortunately, Jiminy Peak is north of Pittsfield, so Great Barrington might be too much of a haul.

      A great option in Pittsfield with kids is Elizabeth's, which a casual and very good mostly (but not exclusively) pasta restaurant. They fill up on weekends, so reservations are a must. For ice cream, there's a Ben & Jerry's on Route 7 in Pittsfield: not homemade, but good nonetheless.

      On Route 7 between Jiminy Peak and Pittsfield you'll find a handful of roadside shacks selling ice cream and other shack-like food. I have no idea, however, how good they are.

    2. On Railroad Avenue, right off Main Street, there is an excellent homeade ice cream place which I go to every summer. It used to be called Bev's but I was just there the other day and they changed the name. It is next to Bizen,by far the best Japanese restaurant in the area- not the kind of food you are looking for but something to keep in mind for another visit.

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        We're still talking Gt. Barrington, which is still quite a haul from Jiminy Peak.

      2. There's a little ice cream shop in Williamstown, on Spring Street -- just 10-15 minutes from you.

        Other food on spring Street: pretty good Thai, and since you're with kids, maybe Papa Charlie's Deli? Also, there's a pizza place on the next street over (Water?).

        1. Hot Tomatoes is the pizza place in Williamstown. Great pizza.

          Btw, the Soco creamery that took over Bev's in Lenox and Great Barrington is really not worth the calories, imo.

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            If you're in the neighborhood, I think Soco's ice cream get the job done (but not their other food), but it's not something I'd go out of my way for.

          2. My parents used to live in Stockbridge but haven't for a few years so my info may be out of date. But there used to be a Greek-type restaurant on Rt. 7 on the "strip" just south of Pittsfield -- maybe Sofia's or something? - unpretentious, just good chow. Good Greek salad, excellent crab cakes. Right across from Friendly's in case the kids want ice cream.

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              Yes your info is out woefully of date in this case :)
              Avoid Sofia's Restaurant like the plague!