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Jul 21, 2006 10:40 PM

ISO -- Haka Chinese Food

ISO Haka Chinese restaurants in the city? Any leads will be much appreciated!!
TIA - Nicole

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  1. What Hakka dishes do you have in mind?

    1. mmmmmmm..... I need some Manchurian chicken, Manchurian Vegetable Pokora Style, Shrimp with Curry Sauce, errrr..Ahsam King Prawn -- Why, can you help?

      1. Perhaps! There are two restaurants in Murray Hill, Chinese Mirch and Indo Wok, that serve Hakka food.

        Both are on Lexington Ave @ 28th Street.

        Chinese Mirch has better atmosphere, but Indo Wok is supposed to have more authentic fare.

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          I was very underwhelmed by Chinese Mirch the one (and last - and I mean last) time I went there. Not only didn't their food taste very good, but their lamb tasted too old, so it wasn't surprising that my stomach was upset later.

        2. I'm confused. Everybody is discussing Indian Chinese, not Hakka. What am I missing?

          1. Totally understand the confusion; that's why I asked the original poster what kind of Hakka dishes she had in mind. I'm Hakka chinese, but I know that Indian-Chinese food also goes by the same name. Based on her response, it was clear that she was referencing the latter. The food is very different - I'm guessing that some of the first Chinese people to open restaurants in India were Hakka and the fusion took on the name.