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Jul 21, 2006 10:21 PM

Ottawa - best burger?

Hey - saw this query recently for Toronto and I was intrigued about responses from Ottawa.

I leave near The Works and love any of their combos with the Portabello mushroom cap. Also enjoy the burgers at "Le Twist" on the Quebec side at lunch time, although paying extra for fries is a bit annoying.

Anyone else have a favourite?

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  1. I second The Works.
    But I also love the veggie burger at the Arrow and Loon pub in the Glebe.

    1. I'm reviving this post since I'm curious to see what people have to say about Ottawa burgs. I think The Works is overrated... $10+ dollars for a burger with KD or peanutbutter on it? What the?

      I have to say I was a fan of Dick's on Merivale Rd... but it was on the decline the last I was there... otherwise, I stick to a place called Alfa's Diner on Parkdale Avenue, near Tunney's Pasture... it's a small mom'n'pop run deal, and they make homemade style burgers... yum.

      So tell me, who makes the best burgers in Ottawa?!?

      1. I'm new to Ottawa so am still in the process of finding my own "best of" food list. I tried The Works recently and agree with the assessment of its being overrated. There's a lot of attention to presentation and stylistic details, which is nice, but ultimately the prices seem too high for burgers and fries tweaked with a few unique ingredients.

        For upscale burgers, I like the burgers at Social and also at Chez Lucien's. Nicely grilled and well-selected toppings. They both have melt-in-your-mouth shoestring fries and a nice mixture of greens on the side.

        As for more burger joint style selections, I've yet to find a burger that I really love among the regular run of the mill pub grub. I'm happy to keep trying though! :)

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          I've only tried the veggie burger at The Works, but I liked it. Though I agree about the price.

          Another good veg burger: The Arrow and Loon in the Glebe.

        2. I've also only tried The Works. Expensive, yes. But very good. And the sweet potato fries are killer!

          1. Hi, I am new to the Ottawa area too, and would love to hear about a great burger. I love the one at Chez Eric in Wakefield, PQ, where I live. I did not really like The Works - the burgers are too busy for me. I will try the Arrow and the Loon.