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Jul 21, 2006 10:12 PM

Moroccan in the Tampa area? Or anywhere in Fla?

Any recommendations for Moroccan restaurants in the Tampa area? I'd be willing to take a field trip elsewhere in Florida if necessary.

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  1. Epcot has a reasonably decent Moroccoan restaurant. But then, there's that $60 cover charge.


    1. I have to agree both the Moroccan restuarants at Epcot are very good. I have even heard Moroccans rave about them

      1. The Pearl on Treasure Island has Moroccan food, and sometimes they feature Moroccan Night, with belly dancers and full Moroccan meal. Great tagine.

        Carino's on St. Pete Beach (an Italian restaurant but really owned and operated by Middle Eastern family) used to do this too, but I haven't been lately. They have a very good reputation.

        1. The Pearl is very good, I agree with Joan. They have excellent eggplant dishes and stuffed artichoke. I had some HUGE shrimp there one night, it was a special on their menu. And it is not very expensive since it is tapas.

          1. I've discovered, since your post, another Moroccan restaurant in Orlando, this time available without having to pay admission.
            It's called Casablanca Grill & Lounge and its located along the tourist stip ofr International Drive.
            I have not been there, but the reviewer at Orlando Weekly seemed to like it <> .

            Might be worth a try. they even have a hookah.