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Jul 21, 2006 09:56 PM

Lunch in Milpitas

Hi chowhounds...I work in Milpitas and always have trouble coming up with lunch options. There's tons of ethnic food around here, and I'm normally an adventurous eater, but sometimes it's a little too ethnic in these parts. Any suggestions for the following:

great sandwich places
mexican food
Any other quick, tasty lunch options

Some places I like around here -- banana leaf, ABC dim sum, the taco truck in Alviso, a couple of Thai places that I know by sight but not by name. thanks for the help!

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    1. sandwich place: Erik's DeliCafe, 148 N. Milpitas Blvd 408-262-7878. open 7 days
      Lee's Sandwiches-they make American and Vietnamese sandwiches
      Nhu Lan Sandwiches, 1244 S. Abel St, Milpitas 408-956-0615

      Mexican food: Taqueria Las Vegas, 1417 N Milpitas Blvd
      Milpitas, CA 95035. Yelp reviews: also reviewed it:

      I'm working my way thru Milpitas and Alviso too. I reviewed Vahl's in Alviso recently and plenty of other places.

      1. Lee's for the Bahn Mi(sp?)

        1. Thanks for the suggestions -- will report back when I try some of these...The placs in Alviso sound interesting. I've never noticed Vahl's, and I'm not sure how I've missed Erik's Deli in all my years working in Milpitas.

          1. my office is on the corner of mccarthy/montegue.

            these are my local spots:

            prolific oven - rivermark - sandwiches, salads, soups, bakery
            baja fresh - rivermark - mexican/baja whatever.
            piatti's - rivermark - italian
            red robin - rivermark - american/burgers
            st john's - sunnyvale - burgers
            chelokabbi - sunnyvale - burgers
            family delight cafe - 'little mccarthy' - under abc seafood, cheap fast eats. nothing great imo.
            abc seafood - litte mccarthy - dim sum
            the thai joint - little mccarthy - thai food
            pepper lunch - mccarthy ranch - japanese teppan
            mayflower restaurant - mccarthy ranch - dim sum
            mayflower cafe - mccarthy ranch - quick chinese bistro eats
            won kee - mccarthy ranch - chinese/hk style bbq
            golden flower? or osmething by darma - mccarthy ranch - dim sum
            pho - ranch 99 plaza off hotsetter (sp?)
            a&j restaurant - ranch 99 plaza - taiwanese cafe : braised beef noodles and potstikers are great here.

            that's just off the top of my mind. there's also a decent vietnamese broken rice joint off montegue and capitol ave. there's also a taquiria there as well. both are pretty good.

            i can't remember everything but i post most of what i eat on my 'food journal thing'


            feel free to email me anytime if you want to grab lunch, we're always looking for new 'foodies'

            if i figure out more i'll add to this post.