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Jul 21, 2006 09:50 PM

Lavender ice cream in NYC


I just had lavender ice cream today for the first time at Craftbar.

Does anybody know where I can buy some of this in any form in a store? I.e. on a cone, cup, or carton to take home.



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  1. I think there's lavendar ice cream in Sundaes & Cones in the East Village. I haven't tried their lavendar flavor but their tiramisu, chocolate, and banana ice cream were pretty good.

    I don't know if you want the honey lavendar gelato from Il Laboratorio de Gelato in the Lower East Side but it's divine! Smooth, creamy and flavorful; the drawback was the price though.

    1. Sundays & Cones has the best lavendar ice cream I've ever had.

      East 10th street in the east Village, NYC

      1. Il Laboratorio de Gelato is worth checking. There's even a chance that's where Craftbar gets it from, if they're not making it in house.

        Van Leeuwen has a version.
        Victory Garden makes goat soft serve, with only a few flavors at a time, but they sometimes make a lavender.
        Lula's and Marlowe & Sons have carried it in the past.

        It's a difficult flavor to get right.

        1. I had an amazing lavender gelato at Felidia two Easter's ago and it inspired me to make my own since I could not find it commercially anywhere. I've since made it a few times from a recipe I found on Epicurious and it is wonderful. I can share the recipe with you if you ever feel the need to make some.