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Jul 21, 2006 09:49 PM

Any new restaurants bars opening up in midtown?

im so sick of the same old thing for lunch, i work around 38th and 6th, are there any good quality NEW restaurants opening up? help!

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  1. sorry these aren't new, but they're good!

    it's somewhat nearby you and it's delicious: aq cafe in the scandinavia house. have you been? it's operated by aquavit, and they have excellent swedish meatballs and a great smorgasbord plate. you can sit at the tables there and it's never really too crowded.

    scandinavia house
    58 park ave at 38th st

    delectica is also pretty good, and i love their sandwiches and euro toasts. the tuna is good and so is the danish havarti.

    564 third ave at 38th st