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Jul 21, 2006 09:36 PM

Can't miss food in Bean town

Coming from NYC for 5 days & want to have the can't miss culinary treats the city has to offer in the moderate to inexpensive price range. Love all types of food, coffee, and wine. Also unique markets so any great place to shop so I can cook for my generous hosts would be great. Haven't spent more than a day in Boston before so pretty clueless. Staying in Cambridge but can travel. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Bartley's in Harvard Square in Cambridge is my favorite burger joint - great onion rings, frappes too. For your unique market experience you definately have to hit Quincy Market/Fanuel Hall - there's some cheap, pretty good food although I generally take the short walk to the North End if I'm in the area for shopping.

    1. Haymarket is pretty unique. Certainly a different atmosphere than the Greenmarket :-). Go Saturday mid-morning for maximum effect, Friday for maximum comfort. From there, go to the North End for Italian groceries and pastries; search or wait for more specific pointers.

      Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge is a great place to shop for generous hosts.

      1. I was working in Boston recently and we wanted something other than the usual chowdah, north end italian, etc. We were pointed to Pho Republic in the south end for vietnamese. We loved it!